Dual Monitor Audio Questions


Jun 17, 2017
I have recently built my first PC, and have found myself with a dual monitor setup. One is a tv screen technically, but ive connected it with HDMI and im looking to use it for TV and streaming games.

Problem is, the audio really only wants to come through one source at a time. I have extended my screen to show on the second monitor. I knew it wouldnt be as easy as dragging the video to the other screen, i thought maybe there would be a program i can download that could split the sound to different devices based on the application. For example i set it to Firefox exclusively plays through the television, and leave my headset as the default. Then if i want to watch a stream, i pull up firefox, and the sound from it plays from the tv, and it doesnt interfere with my speakers.

Maybe that technology doesnt exist without some hardware or an extra sound card, but i figured you lot would have some ideas.

Thanks for the read and any replies. Happy fathers day
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