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  1. SamuelJol

    Moving files

    So first of all I'm here because TomsHardwaare forms are down. My 1tb Drive that I keep all my applications and games on is now full and I want to move it to my 2tb drive. What I wanted to do what just copy all the files first, (which I already did) change the drive letter to the previous drive...
  2. A

    Any software to monitor any new files created?

    Does anybody know a program that tracks any new files that are created, modified, or deleted?
  3. T

    file manipulation in C

    hey there guys! I really need help... so, I need a program that reads some specific lines and prints other ones from a file. also, i need to compare an input with another specific lines from a file. I have a written file with information for playing a little game. on the 1st line I have a char...
  4. L

    my samsung galaxy 10.1 wont connect to my pc via usb

    my samsung galaxy 10.1 P7500 wont connect to my pc. i think the computer or either the usb has problems. it doesnt say anything when i connect it to my pc and it doesn't charge. pls help me, (my brother removed internet from my tablet and now im downloading things from the laptop then i transfer...
  5. A

    how to recover photos from a drive that is formatted twice?

    Can anyone tell me, How to recover photos from a drive that is formatted twice. Thank you
  6. D

    Need Help To Recover My Life's Most Important Photos From HDD Format

    Hello All, I'm really desperately hoping someone can help me undo what I have just done earlier today. I initially was going to install a fresh copy of Win8 on my PC when immediately after formatting the HDD partitions I realized my incredibly valuable trip photos were not stored in another...
  7. klear6

    Can't Transfer Files On/To External Devices

    I am having an extremely serious and irritating problem - please help if you can. I am having trouble moving data to external sources via USB. It always happens partwaY through a transfer. It gives me messages like the transfer could not be completed, that the device is no longer found, or the...
  8. L

    Is the Windows 8 reset option enough to make sure my deleted files are unrecoverable?

    Hello, I am selling my laptop which runs Windows 8.1. I want to be sure that my files can't be recovered by the future user. I just started the Windows 8 Refresh as described on the microsoft website (, and chose the "Fully...
  9. I

    Shortcut Virus (Creates .ink in USBs), Disabled msconfig, CCleaner, System Restore. Tried EVERYTHING, help!!!

    Hello guys! TL;DR: an USB pendrive infected me, now it creates shortcuts on usbs, also msconfig, regedit, system restore, and everything related is disabled. halp. 2 days ago, a friend of mine wanted to show me a video he was working on, so he proceeds to insert his USB pendrive, when i open...
  10. eDragon

    Batch File Subtraction

    Hi, I'm trying to get into batch files, and I'm not sure how to simply subtract two numbers. The code is as follows: echo How old are you? set /p age=">>" echo What year is it? set /p year=">>" set /a birthyear=%age%-%year% echo So you were born in %birthyear%? pause However, when it shows...
  11. psi

    Hide folder from the Net

    Hi, could someone advice how to make a Folder (and everything inside) completely inaccessible from Internet but easily accesible by yourself? For example, some virus tries to read your files. On Windows 8.