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  1. C

    Solved! Recording streaming business news

    How can I record or DVR business news shows from CNBC, Bloomburg Business, FOX Business etc. ?Some of those channels have a portion of the shows on demand but not the entire show.
  2. S

    Solved! Quadro fox 2800m

    Thanks for answering me Can I updarge my graphics card nvidia quadro fx 2800m it’s doesn’t gave me what I want and Also I want updarge can I ?
  3. M

    How can I fox a white screen on my Acer laptop

    I'm having some problems with my Acer laptop when ever I turn it on I can see my windows but then the screen goes white
  4. D

    how to tv stream

    how can I get fox news with streaming on my smart tv with roku
  5. T

    get abc but canot get cbs nbc or fox

    Have a mohu antenna
  6. G

    Cutting The Cord

    Ready to quit Comcast but still want to get a lot of the cable channels and local channels. Especially want to retain Fox News, Fox Business, History, A&E, ESPN, etc. Was looking at Sling TV but found it doesn't provide Fox News. Also had planned to get an HD broadcast antenna. Then I was...
  7. T

    No Fox on HD Receiver, less than a mile away

    I live just around the corner from a TV station that broadcasts Fox, NBC and some other obscure stations... I cannot get Fox to come in. I am only getting about 10 stations most are useless. The antennae is indoor about 8 feet up high against an outer wall with a glass door 4 feet away. This was...
  8. S

    fox antenna compagny

    who oder product from fox antenna business in buffalo ny who get the oder,who try to call them who get reply from them is it a scam company what is the problem whit them I oder almost 3weeks ago I call alomost 100 time I let my phone number never never I was able to talk whit someone only answer...
  9. R

    Surround sound muffled voice sound

    Arris Dcx3600-M Spectum cable DVR (had same problem with Directv) 95% of channels work fine using receiver to TV with HDMI. Other 5% can only hear audience with Wheel of fortune voice is very muffled was same with Directv. CNN OK FOX OK WOFLHD local FOX station for superbowl – Crowd noise fine...
  10. T

    i think my son may have got something on his win 10 dell xps help!

    when he opens fire fox it opens to a page called Pconverter and also there is a pconverter tool bar none of which was there before ,anyone know what this is and how to remove it?i looked through uninstall programs and couldnt find it.
  11. edward78

    Play Staion Vue?

    Does it have all the main OTA networks? (abc/cbs/nbc/fox/pbs)
  12. A

    my firefox tablet won't come on

    my fire fox hd tablet will come on. Tried to turn it on after plug it in.
  13. D

    stations at no charge

    what local channels are received free on this service, as well as what stations like Food channels, History channels, and CNN/FOX new & business, and MSNBC are available (are they free or cost additional)?
  14. R

    Help With TV Antenna

    I just got a new Amazon HD indoor antenna. I've set it up and get all local channels except Fox, 2-1. I've changed the location a few times and re-scanned, but I still don't have Fox. Cucurrently it's above a window at the highest location on the wall. Any suggestions on how I can get Fox...
  15. Wile E Coyote

    Firefox latest 30.0 and up

    As of late i am be coming unhappy with fire fox.Due to the fact that it causes to many issues with flash. major issues i find now are. Flash player hog issues uses too much ram. uses to much internet usage.I have run multiple test on this. Since we are unable to block the plugin container.exe...
  16. I

    Mozilla Firefox periodically slows down and becomes unresponsive, how to fix?

    Im running Mozilla firefox and every now and then it will slow down to a halt and end up becoming super unresponsive after some time. This mostly happens when I watch a bunch of youtube videos one after another but it has happened just from ordinary browsing as well. It is the latest version...
  17. Wile E Coyote

    Fire fox's New window pop up fix found.

    Ok for any body that is having the same issue i was with new window popups from firefox i have found a fix for these annoying little fix. This has to deal with about:config. If your firefox does not have this just add it as integer. Make this zero and...
  18. A

    How does 20th Century Fox market and distribute it products to audiences?

    First of all, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong column, it was the only film related topic topic I could see. So tomorrow I have to share with my class "How does 20th Century Fox market and distribute it products to audiences?" And I have no idea what to say, can anyone help me please.
  19. A

    Is 20th Century Fox a conglomerate company?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I'm doing a piece of homework where I need to choose 1 independent film company and one conglomerate film company, and I was just wondering if 20th Century Fox is a conglomerate company or not? If not what should I choose?