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  1. AtomoDelFinal

    Question My laptop's speakers crack after playing games. How can I solve this?

    After 5 mins. playing games, my laptop's speakers sound becomes "crisped/distorted". It sounds like this: View: It doesn't happen when I use Bluetooth headphones, so it must have to do with the laptop's hardware. Additionally, when the sound breaks, the framerate...
  2. B

    Lenovo- Y50 Frame Rate issues, Stuck Around 60 FPS.

    Hello all, Recently, I downloaded the game Red Orchestra 2, and instantly encountered frame rate issues. After much work I was able to get the frames up to 120 or so, but now I can only get 60 on much lower settings than before. I have tried turning off Vsync in game and in my NVIDIA Control...
  3. Kybz

    Will Lowering Resolution Increase Frame Rate? [PS4]

    Some games like Assassin's Creed Unity have such bad fps like 24 when I run in 1080p. If I lower the resolution to 720p, will the fps increase to a playable frame rate? If not, is it possible to increase fps by any other way?
  4. B

    How to know frame size of video file (frame size, bit depth, etc.) (Sony Vegas Pro 9)

    I can't find very simple information. I am working with video file with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. Is there a way to know information (resolution, frame rate, bit depth, etc.) of my original video file in Vegas Pro 9? I am not asking about presets or rendering, but data of original video file. I...