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    Solved! Installed new harddrive but cant load windows in it

    Trying to install os on new harddrive . It jumps and gives me this information Free dos language (FreeCom version 0.04-pre2 XMS_SWAP(AUG 20 2006
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    Solved! free dos commands have everything ready to reboot dont know commands for program

    trying to reboot im running asus r540s for some reason every thing is gone got it going through freedos dont know commands have usb flash ready to boot
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    Has anyone had any experience with Mini-CDR players or burning them?? I have just bought the Freecom Beatman II (don't know if it available in the USA, I am in the UK) and I have seen some complaints about the CDs being unreliable - any opinions on this?? Thanks in advance, Allan Lewis.