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    im getting the Logitech g430 and it has a built in sound card for surround sound. but as i read reviews, they suggest that the usb sound card is not up to the mark and suggested to directly plug the 3.5mm connectors(it has kind of like a removable 3.5mm to usb sound card ). i checked if my mobo...
  2. P

    Logitech G430 mic doesn't work without USB dongle

    ***ANY HELP OR ANSWERS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED :)*** Yesterday my brand new Logitech G430 arrived in the mail, I set it up, installed the new Windows 10 Drivers and adjusted some of the advanced equalizer settings. >It sounds alright, however when I don't use the USB splitter to connect...
  3. R

    Logitech G430s Get No Sound From Applications

    Okay, so for the past couple of months my headset has been acting up (suspecting Windows 10). The sound works with windows (i.e. when I press the volume mixer it makes a sound) but not with any program like chrome or steam. The only fix I've found is to go into Device Manager --> Sound, Video...
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    Logitech G430 Headset not working - PLEASE HELP!!

    I have purchased a new logitech G430 headset which is not working at all with or without the USB connector on my desktop computer, however it works fine on my Lenovo laptop. Both run on windows 7. I tired using different USB ports and used direct audio connectors as well. It is able to install...
  5. itsSacred

    Logitech G430 Robotic Sound

    I just got my Logitech G430's today and I set them up with the Logitech Gaming Software. I went to test and see if they work and how they sound and I get a robotic/alien sound. I literally just bought they brand new and I have no idea what's wrong. I will make edits as I try different things...
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    HyperX Cloud or Logitec G430

    which is better audio and better mic output and works best with an older sound card