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  1. Doraneko41

    Solved! Dell G7 15 7588 problem

    Hi, recently i bought dell g7 7588 i7 8750h 16gb ram 1050 ti 1tb hdd 250 ssd i just noticed i got 130w ac adapter instead of 180w, now my problem is my gpu doesn't get enough power or its my gpu faulty? Below are the user benchmark that i tested. idk if this a glitch or what but i tried...
  2. C

    I need a compact camera for filmmaking/travelling

    I'm looking for a video camera under 400-450 dollars, with the following features: Hot/Cold shoe mount, 1080p 60 fps, external mic. Flip-out screen optional. Interchangeable lens would be nice too. I've been looking at the Canon EOS M/M3, but I heard the battery life and autofocus are pretty...
  3. V

    Need help solving HP software issues :(

    Hey guys, I have a very annoying (and persistent) issue with my HP laptop... So yesterday, I booted it up as normal, and the keyboard didn't work. I got no response from pressing ANY of the keys, so I could not enter my password to login. This has never occurred before. I hit ESC as it booted...