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  1. anubiss

    MSI dragon gaming center

    I own a MSI GP62MVR 7RGX Leopard Pro and I cannot find information on it on their official website. I recently took my laptop to micro center since the fan was making too much noise and found out that they had to completely replace it. anyways they got rid of the Dragon Gaming Center. I was...
  2. F

    Solved! laptop that runs csgo

    hey! im looking for a laptop that runs csgo decently, Im not expecting more than it runs at least 50fps on medium to high settings. I won't play many more games and thats the only use im going to give it so I only care about it running good the game. my budget is $700, but since I won't use it...
  3. A

    Help! Laptop Suggestion Needed.

    So I was looking for a budget gaming laptop, I am from the Philippines so there's not a lot to choose from. I have 3 laptops in my list and their respective prices, I need your suggestion from what to pick based on their value, quality, cooling, etc... TIA ASUS FX503VM-E4050T 67986php (1273.41...
  4. D

    Laptop for Photo/Video editing and Gaming - 1400€

    Hello, I'm looking for a laptop to Photo/Video editing for 1400€/$1550. I'll be making a purchase in ~2 weeks, I'd prefer to don't increse budget unless there's something much better right behind the corner. So, basically what am I looking for is full desktop replacement which can handle all...
  5. L

    Asus ROG G501, Fn+brightness NOT WORKING and NVIDIA Driver Problem

    Last week just bought this Asus ROG G501(FullHD Ver, i7, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX960m 2GB) for work/gaming. At first I was thinking buying this lappie back and will be no problem happily forever cause is new, but then after when back home I on,setup, window updates ,drivers update. And I try render...