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  1. E

    Gemini 10" Tablet "Settings has stopped" Help!

    Hi There, I got this Gemini 10313BK tablet from a friend, it boots fine passes the android screen but boots a blank home screen with the box "unfortunately, settings has stopped", upon confirming this it pops up again and is concurrent and you cant get rid of this. Just wondering where I go...
  2. D

    Preamp buzzing sound

    Hey guys, Few months ago I started experiencing some problem with my preamp on home sound system. I have Gemini PS-626 Pro preamp with some 5.1 speakers, so it's connected from PC to preamp, and output to 5.1 Before, everything worked fine, inside same house, even same wall socket. So while...
  3. A

    just got a gemini laptop which ssd expansoin card do i need

    its a gemini 14in slim laptop
  4. C

    GD Gemini Device Tablet

    Everything on the GD Gemini Tablet seems to be frozen from the first window. I have tried the Power and V+ and Power and V- System. I managed to get it to the Little Green Logo, and did a hard reset a few times, plus a reset through the little hole as advised. Nothing seems to work, and unable...
  5. D

    Buy choice: Creative Aurvana Live! or Gemini-HRS1000

    Hi everybody. Since I was looking , surfing and analyzing headphones I need mainly for high quality positioning (in CS:GO) I came down to these ones: 1)Creative Aurvana Live 2)Gemini-HRS1000 (I know it's substratum for HyperX but let it no be the option of choosing them instead of Creative)...
  6. EzTec

    Cooler Master Evo Fan vs Gemini S Fan

    Hey guys, I am pretty sure you all know which Fan the Hyper 212 Evo is, has a lot of reviews which are amazing, this is really my choice of fan that I am aiming for. However. There is this fan too from Cooler Master...
  7. L

    I just bought a Klipsch blue tooth Kmc3 it has one 3.5mm input aux and I want to hook up my Gemini PDT6000 digital turntable

    connecting digital turntable to klipsch blue tooth Mmc3
  8. T

    can any1 help plz

    hi my gemini d17 tablet keeps restarting over and over can i factory reset it when i cant access the menu please xx
  9. J

    gemini tablet wont recognise sd card in photo gallery it working on camera and phone so wots the problem

    Have micro SD card in Gemini tablet won't bring up photos in gallery sdcard works in camera and phone can anyonehelp
  10. M

    Can't save apps to external memory

    I have a gemini q9909 9.7 tablet and I've just purchased a 16gb sd card for it so I can have more apps on it. but it's still trying to save to the internal memory despite that being full I've looked everywhere for a solution to this and I can't find one please help me
  11. D

    Home stereo preamps

    I have a gemini 7000 preamp. at low volume it clicks out. i cannot figure out why..this is the second unit that has done this. first one i shipped back. it is like if the input signal is between songs or low it clicks out then it clicks on when it get louds,,i have tried everything what...
  12. K

    Preamp interference

    I have a gemini 7000 preamp connected to a 2 channel marantz receiver and I get cb or ham radio interference. I call gemini and they said it was impossible for that to happen but suggested I use sheild cable and it did help I think but hasn't totally eliminated the problem. Please help if you...
  13. J

    Driver needs

    for Gemini key chain camera
  14. H

    Using American electronics in Japan

    I bought a Gemini CDM-3600 (Dual CD Mixer) in the USA but I've been using it in Japan. The unit is rated at 115v. Japan's power supply is 100v. I've been using it fine for a few months but now there's a buzzing sound coming from the speakers and the unit smells like it's burning. I was told (by...
  15. G

    Coleco Gemini specs question

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Does anyone know where to find the specs and/or the tech manual for the Coleco Gemini? Teh tech manual is what I really would like to find. Cheers, Colin
  16. G

    Gemini question

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I picked up a Gemini Video Game System from Coleco today. I was wondering what type of games it plays and just how rare these systems are? It is about the size of a Atari 2600 Jr., but thicker. Cheers, Colin