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  1. I

    Gigabyte P35x won’t boot

    My Gigabyte P35X laptop won’t boot up, the only one status light comes on, and the fans come on but it won’t boot. I unplugged the battery and reconnected it and still nothing. I tried letting it sit for a bit but that didn’t help either.
  2. M

    Want to set up home theatre system to PC

    I want to set this up but I am unsure how to set it to get sound. I have 3 HDMI ports on the receiver. 2 are inputs and 1 output. One is hooked from the PS4 to the Receiver. The other input is from my PC (Graphics card) to the receiver. And finally the output is from my TV to the Receiver. It...
  3. G

    Gigabyte Aero 15W Laptop Giveaway

    Head to the Tom's Guide Forums for your chance to enter our giveaway for the brand new Gigabyte Aero 15W Gaming Laptop! Gigabyte Aero 15W Laptop Giveaway : Read more
  4. noyaus

    Chrome Freezing on Windows 7 making everything freeze/lag or slow down

    Hi Guys When I open chrome now it has a moment were it now freezes out of nowhere. Like when I type it freezes. It works well on IE11. I am not sure what is going on. It happened to Task Manager as well. i just uninstalled AVG and replaced with Trend as my Antivirus expired. Now it is being a...
  5. P

    Sennheiser amp needed?

    So I'm looking to buy the sennheiser game one headset but not sure if an amp is needed, I've different threads like this but I need to know if my motherboard sound is good enough to for the headset. I have the gigabyte gaming 7 z170. If I do need the amp anyone no any good ones? Or any other...
  6. N

    Buying a gaming laptop

    Hey guys! So I am looking for a new laptop to game on. I want to be able to play any of the Total War games, Arma 3, Battlefield, overwatch, Civ 6. I can spend no more than $2000 on it. I was told that MSI was good and so I went on and thought that these looked really good...
  7. N

    Best Australian laptop coolers???

    Hello i was wondering there was any good budget (below $30aud) notebook cooling pads that are situated in perth as i do not want to pay for shipping. This laptop cooler is specifically for my Gigabyte p35xv3 gaming laptop. my laptop will be mostly used in my room and occasionally moved to...
  8. P

    Gaming Laptop Help

    Im looking for a gaming laptop, under $2000. I would prefer it to be a thin laptop, but if there is something good for $2000 and its not thin then it doesn't really matter. Also I prefer a 15.6 Laptop because i don't want to have to be carrying around a big laptop.
  9. A

    Looking to buy gaming laptop

    1. What is your budget? Variable but 3-4k probably 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Willing to go anywhere from 15-18 but being able to run higher resoluion while gaming is the most important factor. 3. What screen resolution do you want? 4k,willing to go lower but...
  10. zakattack117

    Could be a Possible Virus

    Hey everybody. I've been cleaning out my computer, getting rid of files, updating drivers you know the drill. I've also noticed that my boot up times are somewhat slow. So I decided to do ms config and try to stop unnecessary programs to boot on on start such as Skype and Media Monkey. As I am...
  11. Jdogz427

    How much of an OC do you think i can get

    I was planning on OCing my CPU, and was wondering with my setup how far you think i can push it. i know it depends on the silicon lottery a little, but with my MOBO, cooler, and PSU, how do you think i can do. Also i cannot see the core specific temps on HW monitor, just the package temps, is...
  12. M

    New build, Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 and AMD 8320fx Issues

    Alright, So after a week of 3 new motherboards and 2 new cpus, I have decided to finally ask the gurus for help. My issue and has been since day 1 of this machine is that My comp freezes up after event 19 errors in the event viewer. I have done some research and heard that I have to enable the...