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    Solved! Are unlocked LG Stylo 4 both CDMA & GSM?

    Curious... Noticed my Stylo 4 has both an IMEI number & a MEID number. Does this mean it can be used on both CDMA & GSM networks? Thanks in advance!
  2. J

    Solved! Can I unlock a verizon iPhone SE and use a sim card to move from cdma to GSM network

    I have a Verizon iPhone SE. As is, from what I understand, it's locked and only uses CDMA. I don't know whether I understand the technology. I'm going to New Zealand, where there is only GSM networking. (1) Since the phone is fully paid for, can I unlock it? (2) Is there a sim card in my...
  3. C

    Puk code for ZTE-c-s100

    I just need a puk code for ZTE-c-s100 and to also remove uim card so I can turn it to GSM network phone
  4. Q

    American SGH-T479 and Canadian 3G networks

    I never liked smart phones. So I had been using a Samsung Gravity 3 (SGH-T479) for ever, until it recently broke. I live in Canada and I ordered the same model from a US based seller on eBay. It was locked to the T-Mobile network, but I successfully unlocked it. I then realized that the US...
  5. L

    Solved! Huawei honor 7x

    I made the mistake and didn’t buy the GSM unlocked version and was wondering if anyone has experience with bootloading this phone? They stoped handing out codes on Huawei website and people are using DC-Unlock but it seems like a scam and virus
  6. K

    Solved! can I use a gsm unlocked phone for carriers in south africa

    I would like to order a used Iphone on Amazon-will a gsm unlocked phone work for south african networks
  7. M

    Solved! so if your phone is gsm unlocked, can you use it already in different countries?

    goodmorning guys, i am confused with the gsm unclocked and factory unlock, can you guys help me with the question? it would be a very big help. thank you
  8. C

    Buying in the US

    How can US customers pre-order/purchase this phone? Will this phone work on GSM US carriers?
  9. D

    Can I convert a GSM razer phone to CDMA

    I want to purchse a razer phone, but it is not compatible with Verizon because it uses GSM. Is there a way to still use Verizon?
  10. G

    Will a GSM unlocked phone be compatible with Comcast wireless restrictions?

    GSM unlocked phone and Comcast wireless restrictions
  11. nwgamelover

    Is it possible to convert kitkat 4.4.4 CDMA "only" (not Global) to GSM?

    I have a super nice Moto E that I just stuck in a drawer because I needed an unlocked GSM phone for my new company ( phone service). That was going on 2 years ago and just now I am finding that there is at least a possibility that this phone could been converted, and I could give it to my...
  12. M

    I Have SCH-B229

    I have a SCH-B299 Samsung Phone i have using a long back but phone was good. i am interested to using in this phone with GSM Sim can you suggest the code or something it will helpfull to me.
  13. W

    Does an unlocked GSM iPhone from the US work in Europe?

    Does an iPhone 7 or newer, if unlocked GSM for US work in Europe?
  14. R

    if ordered an gsm unlocked iphone from usa , will it work with egypt's networks ?

    if ordered an gsm unlocked iphone from usa , will it work with egypt's networks ?
  15. E

    Solved! Iphone geolocation in another country through GSM operator

    Is it true if Ipone sends text message to nearest GSM operator when it has no connection to internet and locates abroad? Can anyone give me example of this massage or links wich describe that?
  16. Z

    My docomo sim card puk code how can I find

    My is Samsung duos slot1 I put docomo gsm sim card and the phone is blocked and asking puk code for my docomo sim card which I dont know
  17. A

    Can a unlocked iphone X (GSM)work in india as an At &T

    I bhought i phone X frm US unlockedn GSM ..will it work in india asAt&Tplz answer as soon as possible so if its any problm j can change it as .
  18. J

    Convert I phone 6 from gsm to cdma

    My I phone is compatible with both gsm and cdma
  19. B

    I want to used my galaxy tab e in the Gamiba. Can anyone help me to unlock it please.

    I cannot used GSM SIM in my galaxy tab E
  20. G

    If I unlock a gsm phone will it work on verizon

    If I get a unlocked cell phone will it work on the Verizon network?
  21. 1

    which is better between GSM and CDMA

    hi, dear all, i live in HK, i am gonna buy a smart phone, but i want to know a phone support GSM or CDMA is better? looking for advices
  22. V

    Solved! CDMA cel phone

    The CDMA cell phone appears soon to be HISTORY. If so what will it be replaced with, GSM ?
  23. K

    Want to unlock to gsm

    Wil like to unlock my j3 prime from metro pcs to gsm carries can you place help me
  24. S

    can i sim swap gsm to cdma

    i have a gsm sim as of now and a newer cdma phone. will att swap my gsm sim into a cdma?
  25. A

    Solved! Curious about unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8+

    I'm in the market for an unlocked Galaxy S8+. I prefer to go this route as my credit is less than stellar, and have been using a Sprint Galaxy S5 on Boost Mobile for a couple years now. I've looked at a few resell sites that state "Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM networks like...
  26. E

    How to block number on a Doro 326i GSM phone?

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding an elderly phone. My mother in-law is an elderly woman who suffers from dementia. The condition makes her very worrisome when her husband needs to go out and so she calls him many times, but can't remember on which button to click, so she calls the danish...
  27. PhilipMichaels

    What Is Consumer Cellular, and Is It Worth It?

    Consumer cellular focuses on seniors and people who don't use a ton of data, and this service can save you a significant amount of money versus traditional carriers. What Is Consumer Cellular, and Is It Worth It? : Read more
  28. G

    Using GSM on a Samsung S5 that is Verizon enabled

    I bought a Samsung S5 on Ebay that said 'Verizon ATT T-Mobile GSM UNLOCKED', so I assumed I could use it in Spain with my SIM through GSM. (I am moving to Spain soon on a long-term residency visa.) It arrived as a Verizon-enabled device, and said I would need a Verizon account...
  29. F

    Sms-based voting system problem

    hello guys! My question is How can I Convert SMS message in to text file going to the system and how to use GSM module in to Php? please guy's i badly need your help for our school thesis. Thank you!!
  30. O

    Unlocked smart phone

    I want to send an unlocked iPhone to a friend in china to use. What do I need gsm unlocked?
  31. C

    Can I use a GSM unlocked phone in Australia?

    I am looking to buy an iPhone online and the site said the phone was GSM unlocked. What does this mean and can it be used in Australia?
  32. Y

    how to convert cdma sprint us to gsm international sim

    htc desier 510 sprint us how to unlock gsm sim anternational use ouer woruld
  33. 1

    how can i find out if my phone is unlocked and if it is GSM?

    IPhone was given to me years ago by former neighbor who has moved out of state so I have no way of finding out original phone plan provider
  34. R

    My verizon s5 which is dual cdma/gsm .myself using gsm now but data is not supporting 4g in reliance in india.wat to do to cha

    My verizon s5 which is dual cdma/gsm .myself using gsm now but data is not supporting 4g in reliance in india.wat to do to enable 4g services
  35. A

    conversion de gsm to cdma

    How can I convert my Moto e mobile to CDMA mobile.
  36. F

    convert iphone 6 from cdma to gsm

    My iPhone 6 uses Verizon's CDMA system. I would like to switch to Tracfone and use AT&T's GSM system. I realize Tracfone can also serve CDMA, but there is a critical dead spot on Verizon's system where I travel frequently.
  37. I

    CDMA to GSM

    I have Samsung Grand Prime US model(SM-G530R7) network provider is C Spire(LTE/CDMA). It has sim slot when i insert the GSM sim it shows searching for services. I need to use GSM sim on this CDMA phone. Also C Spire network provider said they used CDMA software. So can i change this CDMA to GSM?
  38. S

    How i convert LG tribute5 LS675 CDMA to GSM ?

    How i convert LG tribute5 LS675 CDMA to GSM ?
  39. webworkings

    CDMA Carriers in the USA

    Here is a list of CDMA Carriers/Service Providers in the USA. Affinity Cellular AirVoice Wireless Armed Forces Wireless Black Wireless Boost Mobile campusSIMs CellNUVO CALLMR Cellular Abroad Charge Communication Chit Chat Mobile Commnet Wireless (also uses GSM in some areas) Consumer Cellular...
  40. webworkings

    GSM Carriers in the USA

    Here is a list of GSM Carriers/Service Providers in the USA. Airfire Mobile ASTAC Asset/Vada Wireless AT&T (Includes GoPhone Prepaid, Dobson Cellular, Edge Wireless and Centennial Wireless) Broadpoint Big Sky Mobile Calhan Wireless Call4care Cellular One of East Central Illinois Cellular One...
  41. F

    LG volt CDMA GSM

    how to make LG volt working on GSM
  42. C

    How i Convert samsung sch b229 CDMA to GSM ?

    How i Convert samsung sch b229 CDMA to GSM ?
  43. Vox

    Low / no GSM signal after update

    Hi there, I have updated my phone through "Wireless Update" found in the System menu and since it's been updated I have either low signal or no signal at all (depending on location). For example, at my workplace there isn't much signal strength by originally but my phone was available at 3/5...
  44. F

    will I be able to use the phone here which is made to sell at the complete opposite side of the world?

    a phone in here where I live costs 2x as much as in US amazon. in amazon it saids that it's gsm unlocked.does that mean that im going to be able to use it here without any problem, even tho it's made to sell all the way across the world from where I live?
  45. R

    Will my phone work?

    My phone says GSM but I only have Verizon towers around, will it work or should I return it? Waiting to receive it in the mail and it came to me after I bought it that I needed to buy a phone that was CDMA :/
  46. I

    Using CDMA phone on GSM

    I have a iphone 6 running verizon up to 4g LTE service. I read somewhere that if I put my CDMA sim card into a GSM unlocked phone 4g and only 4g will work. Is that true? I really dont mind only having access to 4g due to the fact 3g is too slow to be used for me. Im looking into getting a budget...
  47. C

    Cdma sim card work on gsm phone

    Want to put my Verizon sim card in a gsm blu studio 5.5 Blu is unlocked
  48. H

    i have Reliance cdma sim card bt want it to use in gsm androidphone can mobile portability solve this problem???

    i have Reliance CDMA sim card bt want it to use in GSM phone can any softwere solve this problem???
  49. J

    can i use an unlocked gsm phone in mexico?

    i bought an iphone on amazon and it said gsm unlocked im wondering if i can use it with a gsm carrier from mexico
  50. J

    gsm to cdma

    I live in india. I will buy iphone 4s A1387 it will activate in gsm. But i want to use my relince cdma sim.when i put cdma sim in iphone it show searching. How to use plz tell me
  51. R

    i want to convert my iphone5 gsm to cdma

    i want to convert my iphone 5 gsm to cdma . is it possible ? if so please let me know the procedure.
  52. J

    Can you call with an unlocked gsm iPhone

    I was planning to buy an unlocked iPhone 6 and it gave me an option of sim free and gsm but can I still call if it has any of those options?
  53. T

    Straight Talk Activation Kit with certain phones

    Is there a way to find out if the Samsung ATIV SE 16GB will work with the StraightTalk Activation Kit? I plan on buying the phone already unlocked. It has a SIM card slot and says it is both GSM and CDMA compatible. The cellular band numbers seem to match up, but according to the Straight Talk...
  54. O

    Wil my HSPA+ band phone work on T-Mobile new reframed LTE?

    Confusion over what will work and what won't on T-Mobile reframed LTE. My phone specs: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz UMTS 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 MHz Any thoughts? OB
  55. E

    Which phone version should I get?

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to buy an LG G2 for an upgrade over my Moto G, but after doing some research I saw that there are two different versions of the G2 that I can buy, the D800 (AT&T) version and the D801 (T-Mobile) version. Both versions are unlocked, so I was wondering if it made a...
  56. F

    GSM sim card work in the CDMA phone?

    i have CDMA GALAXY note edge when i insert the GSM sim in my phone, phone give message invalid sim card, what is the solving ?
  57. K

    finding out the service provider

    How do I find out if my phone is running off gsm or CDMA its a galaxy s4
  58. P

    GSM Unlocked at&t Will it work in europe

    If i buy a gsm unlocked galaxy s4 from the u.s on ebay will it work in Ireland (Europe)