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  1. Z

    If I have a GSM AT&T iPhone 4s, is it possible to get it on the Verizon side of Straighttalk?

    I live in an area where only verizon works. I know there is a Sprint side and a Verizon side to Straighttalk. So can i get my AT&T GSM iPhone 4s to be on the Verizon side of straight talk?
  2. H

    activer GSM/WCDMA Galaxy duos gt s7562

    GSM/WCDMA 3G hfsa
  3. DarkDubzs

    What things to look out for when buying used phones?

    Im looking to buy a GS5 soon off craigslist. Ive had good experiences with buying from people on CL and I'm not really worried about being scammed or anything, but I just want to make sure what to look for, research, or ask about when buying the phone. Its easy to see whats wrong or damaged...
  4. D

    gsm cell phones

    Can I use my sim card from my t mobile pre paid phone in an Andriod smartphone gsm dual sim that is shipped from China
  5. K

    Verizon S4. CDMA but uses SIM card?

    My understanding was that Verizon uses CDMA, and CDMA phones don't need a SIM card to do voice, text and 3G. After I found out that the Verizon S4 uses a SIM card, I was somewhat confused. I did a little research and people said the SIM card was necessary for LTE data service. Learning that, I...
  6. T

    Can I switch my AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket to Boost Mobile ?

    So, recently, my father obtained a phone from a close friend of his as a gift, an AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket, Only problem is, we are all on Boost Mobile, Which gets great coverage around the area we live in, and my dad already has some sort of loyalty program where he pays $45 a month...
  7. B

    c# code modification

    i hav an application written in c# that can send sms to other mobile phone via a gsm modem. but i have a CDMA can i change the code so that i can use the CDMA modem. or can i insert the gsm sim in cdma modem and will it work? pls suggest an alternative.thanking u , bluesea :)
  8. T

    Verizon 4GLTE CDMA OR GSM?

    I am planning on buying the Sony Z2 which is a gsm phone, but it has 4G LTE Of course i want to buy it unlocked. Can i run the phone on Verizons 4G Network even though Verizons network is CMDA.
  9. J

    GSM VS 3g and 4g

    I was doing some studying and i have some questions just to make sure i am on the right page. GSM is just for phone connection and 3g and 4g are just data is that correct?
  10. S

    Best New/Used GSM smartphone under 250usd?

    Hi everyone I'm gonna be buying a smartphone to take to Thailand with me. My price range will be 150-250. It needs to be unlocked and gsm. I'm basically just looking for the best overall phone for my money. Right now I'm leaning to the moto g. Seems to be the best new phone in this price range...
  11. B

    Looking for a Prepaid Sim card that is cheap and i only pay for it as i use.

    So, I want a prepaid sim, not for daily use but just as a side. I am not gonna use it, hardly ever make calls or text. I just need it to be there. Now all the plans out there are kinda expensive for what I need and I can't figure out which one to get. AT&T offers 10c/m plan but I think you have...
  12. T

    GSM phone work in CDMA area?

    Straight Talk says we are in CDMA area. North East Nebraska. Omaha Is a GSM area. Three hours away. When people from Omaha come up here their phones still work. Can I program a GSM phone in a GSM area then use it at home in a CDMA area? Trying to get a Blu.
  13. O

    Htc rezound Verizon

    HTC Rezound phone works with GSM network?
  14. D

    cdma to gsm

    I have a motorola razr hd for verizon it uses a sim card I can use it on at&t can it be unlocked so as to change the netwo?rk
  15. J

    CDMA to GSM

    How can I convert a CDMA iphone 4 verizon to GSM?
  16. seriousgamer

    How to transfer contacts from CDMA to a GSM Phone

    Hello, How can I transfer contacts from an LG Optimus M+ (Android 2.3 Gingerbread) to a GSM phone (Unlocked or T-mobile). I have not decided on the new phone yet. Is there an easy way to do this, I need a good guide to show me how. Is it also possible to double backup the contacts somewhere...
  17. S

    Gsm to CDMA

    I want to convert my apple iPhone 3G gsm to CDMA plz let me know if its. Possible
  18. H

    Convert GSM to CDMA

    I bought a phone off of amazon and they told me it would be unlocked. However, I tried to register the phone to sprint when it came it and it was not compatible. Is there any way I can still use this phone that needs a sim card while having a CDMA service?
  19. V

    Are this two rsim7 for iphone 5 sprint unlock are legit?

    hi planning to buy iphone 5 from sprint and use it on gsm here in us and sometimes in europe and i found out china seller on ebay sellling this
  20. J

    Gsm networks for globe philippines

    Hello, is unlocked cellphone the same as dual SIM?
  21. negril

    Iphone 4s bad esn - still usable as a gsm phone????

    Is an iphone 4s with a bad esn still usable with a good sim card as a gsm phone since it has both capabilities?
  22. r0aringdrag0n

    Question on frequencies

    Will a phone with frequency "GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz" work with AT&T's 1900mhz 3G network?
  23. I

    Good place to buy Cingular GSM phone without contract?

    i need a cheap gsm phone without contract.
  24. D

    Does Verizon Wireless Run on GSM Network?

    Can you put an iphone oon this thing?
  25. battery9000

    Blackberry 8830 unlock?

    Hey guys. I've got an old BB 8830 World Edition here, that I need to use until I can afford a replacement for my damaged phone. Now I got it with Bell a few years ago. My question is: If I can manage to unlock the phone, will it work with my Koodo sim card (For those who don't know Koodo is a...
  26. T

    Cellular phone

    Hello, what is a GSM phone??? and... can they operate with Verizon Network?
  27. R

    Solved! What does an unlocked GSM phone mean

    What is the advantage of having an unlocked GSM phone. Who is your service provider!?
  28. G

    Thuraya Launches Dual-Mode Satellite & GSM Phone

    The idea of a mainstream satellite phone, so the story goes, came from Karen Bertiger, wife of Motorola engineer Bary Bertiger, requesting a phone connection while honeymooning in the Bahamas sometime in the 1980s. Thuraya Launches Dual-Mode Satellite & GSM Phone : Read more
  29. R

    GPRS Settings nokia x2

    pc setting virgin gsm x2 nokia mobile
  30. P

    Trace gsm sim card to view numbers

    Hello, i have another sim card numbers with use mobile help for any one to me....
  31. JMcEntegart

    Unlocked iPhone 4S Will Only Work on GSM Carriers

    Apple is selling an unlocked iPhone 4S, but what does that mean? Unlocked iPhone 4S Will Only Work on GSM Carriers : Read more
  32. A

    Am already using reliance gsm in my mobile samsung monte when i try to change to

    am already using reliance gsm in my mobile samsung monte when i try to change to other network sim mobile is not detecting the sim other than reliance gsm. How can i use other network sim in my mobile
  33. JMcEntegart

    Report: iPhone 5 a Dual-Mode CDMA/GSM World Phone?

    Apple's next iPhone is rumored to be compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks. Report: iPhone 5 a Dual-Mode CDMA/GSM World Phone? : Read more
  34. G

    Does Verizon Wireless Run on GSM Network?

    Hello, can i buy a phone that runs on a gsm network w verizon as my carrier
  35. P

    Boost mobile network

    Hello,I have an unlocked nokia GSM cellphone will it work on the boost network?
  36. V

    GSM time update

    Hello, From where these GSM handsets get the realtime update?,Is if from BSC or MSC and How?
  37. M

    Unlocked gsm cell phones

    I recently bought an unlocked gsm that is quad band will operate at 1900 MHz. I subscribe to at&t and have hardly if ever had issues with any phone. I have read pro's and con's. I did it unknowingly. Will it work ok? Internet functions? phone functionality? is there some setting i need to...
  38. M

    CDMA to GSM

    i want to use the cdma sim in my nokia 1100 phone please help me
  39. C

    Convert GSM to CDMA

    I am with Alltel that changed to Verizon and I bought a phone off e-bay detailing it was an Altell phone with CDMA network. I didn't know. I went down to Verizon because I couldn't transfer the information from the old phone and they told me that some how this phone was put on a GSM network with...
  40. G

    Three3 gsm roaming

    Hello, If i wanna call using three 3 gsm from Indonesia to three gsm provider in Australia. is there a roaming on three 3 in Australia? Thank You
  41. JMcEntegart

    GSM Palm Pre 2 Now Available from Dell for $450

    Can I interest anyone in an unlocked GSM Pre 2? GSM Palm Pre 2 Now Available from Dell for $450 : Read more
  42. tical2399

    GSM Smartphone for UK trip

    Can anybody help me out with finding an smartphone (prefer android) that would work in the UK? I want to buy something here that I can take over there and use when I go on vacation this December. If its not android its cool, but I'd like to know of a basic smartphone that work on UK GSM...
  43. 2

    Best GSM Android Phone to Buy

    I'm in the market for a GSM Android phone to use my ATT SIM card. I've been eyeballing the Nexus One. Can anyone offer any alternatives? I've been looking at Motorola's Milestone, but I can't decide if it's any better. Thanks
  44. M

    Driver modem gsm wavecom fastrack

    Hello, i need a driver for wavecom fastrack M1306B , i hope you can help me. thank you
  45. Marcus Yam

    Hacker Cracks GSM Cell Phone 64-bit Encryption

    The connection is made. Hacker Cracks GSM Cell Phone 64-bit Encryption : Read more
  46. G

    World phones

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon,alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) After much contemplation (see prior discussions about Cingular vs. Verizon; GSM vs. CDMA), I am leaning toward renewing my contract with Verizon. I really wanted an unlocked GSM phone so that when I travel overseas, I...
  47. G

    Checking unlock status of phone

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.gsm (More info?) Is there a way, short of putting in a different SIM card, of confirming that a locked phone has been successfully unlocked? Thank you, bach15
  48. N

    GSM in No. Michigan

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) I just realized that I should now post here not just on ATTWS newsgroup. So this is a duplicate of a posting there. Has anyone used their Cingular GSM phone in Norther Michigan? If so, how is the reception/coverage? Most interested in...
  49. R


    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) I'm wondering if anyone can provide feedback - both positive and negative - about Cingular's GSM phones and service. Thanks.
  50. G

    Free laptop or gsm

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I found a really cool new website today. If you go to the following link, you can get a great free gift like mine, a new Sony mobile phone for just $40! And guess what! I will get my...
  51. C

    Tracfone GSM

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) Anyone know if the Tracfone GSM phone that they are offering is locked to a Tracfone SIM? In my area, Tracfone uses Cingular as their "partner" for both their TDMA and their GSM phones. My reason for asking is that I'm looking for a...
  52. G

    GSM phone compatibility source?

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) Hello: Looking at getting Circular's GSM service but I'm not happy with the tiny phones they and all the others offer, having an 8 year old Motorola analog flip phone (yes, still) as my backup service. However, I need to know that the...
  53. R

    GSM library - gsm_explode

    Archived from groups: comp.compression,comp.speech.research, (More info?) Dear all, I have to do some GSM codec related analysis of audio and I've been using the GSM library available from I have managed to compile the basic core API...
  54. G

    Dang, another screwing by Cingular.

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) I recently changed from my 500 minute GSM nation plan $39.99 with an additional line for $9.99 to a GAIT nation plan for $45 for 400 minutes and went to one phone on that plan since an additional line for a GAIT plan is $19.99 instead...
  55. G

    Mot V400 SLV GSM ?

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) I have the above listed phone and would like to know if I can download pictures from my computer to the phone to use as wallpaper and also make my own ringtones without paying $2 +/- each to dwonload them from cingular right into my...
  56. G

    ? GMS Coverage in LA

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) I currently have a TDMA phone and service. However, it is a changing world and services are "upgrading" and phones are too, but according to the maps in the central Louisiana area, the GSM market does not look favorable. Does anyone...
  57. G

    GSM Phones Unlocking Available in Ottawa Area

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) these GSM phone can be unlocked by me 1). Sony Erisson 5). Siemens 2). Motorola 6). LG 3). NOKIA 7). Panasonic 4). Samsung e-mail:=...
  58. G

    GSM Coverage at Disney World?

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) Anyone have any experience with Cingular GSM coverage at Disney World? Rumor is that coverage roaming with a Verizon phone is spotty. If roaming with a Cingular GSM phone is better, I'll lend my daughter my phone for her trip there next...
  59. G

    Friend not getting acceptable coverage

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) I have a friend who is moving and is having trouble with her Samsung X427. Cingular has told her the area she's moving to has "very weak" GSM coverage. Does Cingular operate anything other than GSM in upstate South Carolina? Is there a...
  60. G

    GSM echos getting worse?

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) I've had "some" echos on my GAIT plan 6340i's ever since the GSM system went live in DFW but in the last few weeks it has gotten much worse. At least 2/3 of the calls now have echos varing from minor to basically full volume echos of...