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    FPS Drop While Gaming Because Of Cooling Down?

    Hello, first of all thanks to all for supporting me. My case is I own an Alienware 15 R2 with Spec: Proc - Core i7-4710 HQ GPU - GTX 980m RAM - 8GB Here's simplest I can share here. And I faced a problem where when gaming for some period, this happen in games that really throttle the GPU for...
  2. P

    Gaming Laptop to Last Me 4-5 Years for College?

    In August I'll be starting college for a major in Aerospace Engineering, so I'll need a somewhat beefy laptop so it can run all the required programs/simulations, etc. Anyone have any specific recommendations? I'll probably need a 15.6 inch display, and I just mainly want something that in 4...
  3. T

    980m vs 980m 8gb

    Why are there 2 versions of the 980m in the MSI GT80 laptop? THere is one for 4700 dollars which has 2x 980m ali (4gb/4gb) and then there is another MSI GT80 twice as much the cost with 8gb/8gb. Why are they so expensive? I was hoping that the 4700 dollar one would have the 8gb version.
  4. S

    How does G-Sync Work (On a 75hz Monitor?)

    Ok so I have the ASUS G751JY G-Sync laptop with 75 hz screen. I do understand G-Sync makes gameplay smoother by removing stutter, input lag, and tearing, although I was curious to how it would work on this laptop? • What happens when fps reaches over 75? • Does it improve the smoothness of fps...
  5. B

    GTX 980m - Jagged Edges.

    Edges look awful in all games that i have played. Things that I tried to fix the problem: -Changing Settings in Nvidia Control Panel. -Clean install. ( Used DDu and installed drivers that my laptop came with. ver 344 ) -Starting Nvidia Control Panel as administrator with Windows 8...
  6. P

    Good Gaming Laptop, any suggestions? :)

    Hey guys, I have about £1300 to spend on a laptop, will be used for gaming, but I am considering selling my PC to possibly pay for a better gaming laptop. :) If someone can tell me roughly how much my PC is worth to sell at the moment, that'd be awesome too. :) PC Specs - I5 4690K, 4Gb Ram, MSI...
  7. Chaingunchris

    gtx 965m 4gb or gtx 970m 6gb or gtx 980m 8gb for battlefield 4 ultra?

    the header says it all, which one should i choose im on a budget of 1500 or lower but i will be willing to pay a little more for quality, which one would be best for battlefield 4 ultra?