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    Haier Laptop, Fps drops when charger is connected.

    Hellow, i got a Haier laptop a very old machine, in which i used to get 80 - 100 fps whether the charger connected or not, then i updated my windows to 10, after then the problem started to occur, while on battery power the fps is stable and fine, as soon as i connect the charger the fps start...
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    Solved! How to connect my Haier 42' TV to my Home Theater

    I have and LCD Haier TV, Model L42F6. It has AV Out, and 3.5mm jack audio output. It already says in the manual "Component, HDMI or PC input source cannot be used for Monitor Out (witch is the proper name for the AV out part). So my question is: How can I use my Home Theater in order to listen...
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    Solved! Best match surround external speakers for The Haier 65UF2505

    Best external specker system for the Haier (65UF2505) Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) LED TV?
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    Haier tv - A strange and irritating problem

    Hi everyone and thanks for the assistance. I bought a 43-inch 43k6000 television two weeks ago. From time to time at an inconsistent time she goes crazy and starts looking for a new resolution for television. Especially in 2401 x1080 @ 60hZ which of course creates snow and a broken screen
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    my haier y11c Laptop automatically opens BIOS when starting up .Please tell me the solution ?

    my haier y11c Laptop automatically opens BIOS when starting up .Please tell me the solution ?
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    Haier tv solutions

    .What to do when I click key lock button on? My haier tv le22b600 model became on a standby mode after and it didnt turn on.
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    I bought new Haier y11c laptop. When I turn it on, it automatically turns of after 30 seconds. It does not start for some time

    My laptop turns off automatically continuously as I start it
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    No Audio Sound

    How do I hook up the audio from a Haier LCD TV to a older JVC RX-6008V receiver? I tried using the red and white RCA cords but the sounds that do come through, is buried by static. The two audio settings on my TV are RAW and PCM and I see a output plug in in the back of my receiver but it...
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    55" Haier Tv wall mount

    Hi, I moved into my new house and the owner has left a wall mount which I am thinking of using to mount my Haier 55" inch. Here is the image of the mount https://ibb.co/bQKsqR I am trying to understand if this wall mount will work for my tv ? Any reference videos explaining how to mount would...
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    My laptop shows the charging light but won't boot even without the battery

    I used a higher volt charger for my laptop but immediately I tried plugging it there was a spark so I stopped the processes immediately, then I used a lower volt charger now it indicated charging but not charging and now it won't boot even after using the right charger.
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    Haier 4k led tv model LE55U6500U. Plz help!!

    Hello friends, Recently i bought led tv from haier, a 55 inch variant, model le55u6500u. Tv is decent, but tv has motion interpolation feature (MEMC) enabled in tv. I want to turn that off but settings are nowhere to be find. Plz tell me how to turn that settings off. Thanks in advance...
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    Haier tv non smart 4k uhd tv

    I have haier Le55b9500u non smart 4k uhd tv ,it is without inbuit wifi , what is the best way to convert in to smart tv ? Any better option then amazon tv fire stick ? Or Amazon tv fire stick is the best one ?
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    What do I do if my haier tv doesnt have an optical outlet to hook my sony sound bar up

    What do I do if my haier tv doesnt have an optical outlet on it and i am trying to hook my sound bar upto it
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    Laptop Haier Y11B hard disk issue.

    I have Laptop+tab haier Y11b. its hard disk is connected with keypad. It starts problem sometime. hard disk is automatically ejecteted and i have to restart the laptop and attach & detach it again and again so it works fine for sometime but again creates issues.
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    Can I hook my list on electronics speaker to my Haier tv

    I have a kustom electronics speaker can I hook it up to my Haier flat screen tv
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    Haier Tv hdr

    Hello, I've bought Haire tv brand LE50H6800CU that is 4k ultra HD tv as described. when i connected my ps4 pro to it i couldn't have the 4k resolution. knowing that my ps4 setting says that my tv doesn't HDR. please advice me on how to get my tv to give 4k resulotion . thanks
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    connecting a samsung sound bar to a haier tv

    samsung with analog aux 3.5 input. what type of connection do i need to purchase for haier tv?
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    Haier LE40D3281 Splash Screen on then no picture

    Hi everyone, just stumbled across this site while trying to google help, thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide! We have a Haier LE40D3281 40" 1080p 120Hz Class LED HDTV that is only a little over a year old. Recently, it started to randomly "black out." Not fade out, but rather...
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    Haier vs LG at nursing home

    I gave my mother a LCD for her room, a Haier (which I understand is Chinese). Last month her roommate got a new TV, an LG (which I understood to be SK). The two remotes are apparently coded the same and each is controlling both TV's. Other than masking her remote sensor to make it a manual...
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    am lost my cell phone how am track this cell plz help me

    am lost my cell phone plz tell me who use my cell it,s govt cell plz help me cell model Haier imei 1 868262020486491 imei 2 868262020486409 my Email address is removed by Moderator.
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    Sony Soundbar - Analog - Haier TV

    I recently purchased a Sony soundbar. I have had my Haier brand tv for about 2 years and it doesnt have an optical output so i have to use the analog output on the soundbar. However i cannot get sound out of my sound bar from my tv. I have tried using a few different cables and tried contacting...
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    keyboard not working properly

    i bought a new laptop Haier 7G 5H. After 2 weeks its 3 keys are not working (qyc) can u tell about it
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    Color issues and picture is flipped upside down after replacing mainboard in TV

    Hello, I have a Speler 32 inch LED TV, it was fried during a storm. I replaced the mainboard with the board from a 32" Haier 32D3000 (Exact same board, different firmware) I naively thought that this would fix all my problems. The tv powers on and everything "works". Except for the picture is...
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    broken screen Haier

    My brand new Haier 3505 40in flat screen tv was hit with an empty pop bottle and a small hole was the result of this, my question is should I try to sell as is or replace the screen. Will it cost more to replace than the tv cost itself??
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    My Haier 7G – 5H 4005 laptop screen goes blank and black but i can ccess my laptop from task manager

    My Haier 7G – 5H 4005 laptops screen goes blank and black but i can stil access my laptop through task manager by browsing it. Please help why my laptop is performing such a behavior
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    Fuzzy text and bad textures on monitor

    Hey guys, consider this a desperate call I have Haier TV 42" 3d monitor, when I connect my PC to it with HDMI cable, and after using custom resolution utility (my method is to delete all default resolutions, then restart the system) after this everything works perfect and i can achieve 1080FHD...
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    Haier 55' LED TV; REPAIR HELP!

    Hey there guys! I own a Haier 55' 120hz LED TV Model #LE55B1381 The backlight has started to randomly go out. The sound is perfectly intact and all I have to do to revive the picture is turn the tv off and back on but when it will go out, I don't know. The longest it lasts is about a hour. I...
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    Haier TV wont trn on

    We had a power outage now my haier tv model T390H01.0 wont turn on..Any deas?Thanks
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    2 hr movie won't finish

    i just bought a haier led tv with model no. LE39T2000N. it works perfectly fine but when i watch a 2hr movie in a USB it just stop when it already reach 2 hrs. even if the movie has'nt finish yet. how do i correct it?