Haier LE40D3281 Splash Screen on then no picture


Oct 22, 2016
Hi everyone, just stumbled across this site while trying to google help, thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide!

We have a Haier LE40D3281 40" 1080p 120Hz Class LED HDTV that is only a little over a year old. Recently, it started to randomly "black out." Not fade out, but rather just the screen turns black even though the TV still shows itself as on according to the little blue color. At first, turning the TV off, and back on would help, but at this point we turn it on, the Haier screen displays, 1 second later you see a blue screen, and 1 second later it's black. Some more information: It appears the backlights turn on, but then go out. Not sure if I have sound since I lose all display too quickly to get to a video (no cable, just dvd player and amazon fire stick). Gut says I do not have sound though as I never remember sound continuing when the display went black. I Tried the "flash light test" but I cannot see any images.

Below is a google drive folder with a few photos and the service manual, my knowledge of circuit boards and electronics is right around a 1 out of 10, so I have no idea if anything looks out of the ordinary.

Full google drive folder with images and service manual: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzihyt2y73YibUZoQzNLZmdadVk

Service manual: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzihyt2y73YiQm40Y3lDZlFnc3c

Any idea where I should start?


Question from cdgreg : "Haier LE40D3281 Splash Screen on then no picture"