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  1. J

    Solved! No BIOS on Boot - Lenovo X1 Carbon

    Hello, So I've ran into an issue where a laptop that i'm servicing will no longer boot the BIOS. When I press the power button, F1-12 will light up, along with the power button, but that's about it. Context: This laptop previously had a Windows upgrade (not an update) to it. As some of you...
  2. B

    Lenovo thinkpad P51s stuck in boot manager.

    My thinkpad (P51s, windows 10) crashed. Now when I start it up I see the lenovo splash screen that says to interupt normal startup, press enter. Then it will go to the boot menu (blue and gray screen with two tabs, boot menu and app menu, under boot menu my options are windows boot manager and...
  3. J

    I have a galaxy S7 i received a text i opened it and i tried to back out the screen froze,i tried powering down still a froze

    i need ideas on how to get my galaxy s7 to turn on after a suspicious text
  4. W

    LG 43UF7700 Won't Stay On After Splash Screen

    Hi Everyone, I have an LG 43UF7700 television and it recently stopped functioning properly. This is what's happening: Power LED indicator is on. Then I press the power button and the LG Splash Screen with the LG logo appears, but once that loads, the screen then goes blank but the red light...
  5. S

    How to repair lenovo splash screen error

    I am using Lenovo Thinkcentre M58 type 7360. It use to work fine earlier but few days it ago it shows me lenovo splash screen it says "System is starting" and it doesn't starts even after hours. I am unable to give keyboard commands. Tried cmos clear, removed ram and tried booting nothing...
  6. D

    Alienware Alpha R1 stuck on BIOS splash screen

    When I boot this 5 year old computer I see the Alienware BIOS splash screen forever. I tried hitting F12 (and F2 and F8 and ...) repeatedly right after turning on but I can't get into the BIOS. I tried a different hard drive and a different memory chip. Always the same, infinite Alienware splash...
  7. M

    Problem with booting, recoverying and fresh install

    Hi everyone I have very strange problem with Lenovo G50-30 1. Cant boot system normally. After splash only black screen (waited around 30 minutes). 2. Cant recovery system from USB drive. After splash on the top left corner five blue squares showed up. Nothing more for about another 30...
  8. S

    Dell Inspiron13 stuck in POST loop

    Recent upgrade to INTEL RAPID STORAGE TECHNOLOGY DRIVER and it tanked my Dell Inspiron 13 . Now it gets to the Dell splash screen and 30 seconds later it reboots to the splash screen and under that it says "PREPARING AUTOMATIC Repair- after that it waits 20 - 30 seconds and reboots to the Dell...
  9. C

    New HDD not detected after shutdown, fine after a restart

    If there's anything that needs further clarification, don't hesitate to ask. The Summary: There's an HP laptop loaded with Windows 10, Windows 10 told us we needed to replace the HDD. I cloned that HGST HDD to a new Seagate HDD of identical spec with identical partitioning and made it bootable...
  10. tyler_55

    Lenovo laptop frozen splash screen HELP!

    So my Lenovo laptop was working fine then after powering off and powering on later it was stuck on the "Lenovo" screen with no spinning circle and it does not boot. After a while it will say it can not find a boot device etc... I have opened up the back off the laptop and took out the HDD and...
  11. B

    LG LED TV, picture is black but audio works?

    I purchased my LG42LN5700 in December of 2013. When I turn it on the LG splash screen comes up for a second, it's bright. However, the screen then turns instantly black. I have the screen on vivid and at 100. The only way to see the screen is put a flashlight on it. I even tried Chromecast. It...
  12. B

    Solved! Galaxy Tab 4 Stuck on Splash Screen even after Data Wipe

    I recently updated an app I had had installed for a few months, and after it finished my tablet restarted which never happens. When it started booting up again, it got stuck on the Samsung splash screen. I got into the wipe data menu and factory reset it, then wiped the cache and hit reboot...
  13. N

    Stuck on "lenovo" screen when booting laptop

    My Lenovo u510 Ideapad is stuck on the "Lenovo splash screen" before the little circle shows. I have tried to disassemble and remove the battery and to reboot from an extern harddisk, but nothing happens, can't even get into bios. Any ideas?
  14. L

    Toshiba Laptop Satellite C55 Stuck on Splash Screen after Windows 10 Upgrade

    Attempted to update to Windows 10 now the laptop is stuck at Toshiba Leading Innovation screen. I've tried to boot from a USB the computer restarts rapidly but never goes past the Toshiba logo... Any suggestions?
  15. C

    Haier LE40D3281 Splash Screen on then no picture

    Hi everyone, just stumbled across this site while trying to google help, thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide! We have a Haier LE40D3281 40" 1080p 120Hz Class LED HDTV that is only a little over a year old. Recently, it started to randomly "black out." Not fade out, but rather...
  16. R

    Galaxy Tab Stuck on Splash Screen

    Hello, trying to help a friend with a Galaxy Tab E, and it is stuck on the splash screen. He did a hard reset earlier when it was froze on the Wifi page. Earlier he got a message saying unable to sign into Wifi AP. An Unauthorized factory reset has been performed on this device. The sign in...
  17. P

    Remove Dell splash screen

    So ever since I've got this laptop off amazon, the boot up would be normal with only one splash screen (dots moving in a circle with windows logo) then it will go to the log in screen, but now, after I accidentally changed some things in the BIOS, there's this extra splash screen before the...
  18. P

    boot up splash screen (Dell Inspiron 7559 )

    So ever since I've got this laptop off amazon, the boot up would be normal with only one splash screen (dots moving in a circle with windows logo) then it will go to the log in screen, but now, after I accidentally changed some things in the BIOS, there's this extra splash screen before the...
  19. H

    Asus PT2001 AiO no boot, no BIOS

    I purchased an Asus AiO about a year an a half ago. The model is PT-2001. I never had any issue with it till now. Running windows 10, I let it update on its own. I hadn't used it for a week about 30 days ago. I came to my PC and noticed it was turned off, which after an update it does. I...
  20. R

    Black screen white dash BIOS screen

    I want to replace my OS ssd drive with a new ssd and then install a fresh copy of Windows. Problem is I can't boot into BIOS. From the MSI splash screen, I press delete and it leads me to a black screen with a non blinking white dash. I can boot into windows just fine if I don't press delete on...
  21. P

    Lenovo SL510 stops at Lenovo splash screen

    Hi folks. My SL510 has been running Debian 7.x for around 2 years without a reboot. I made the mistake of rebooting it and now it stops at the infamous splash screen. Fkeys do nothing. Blue button, nothing. I've visually and electrically (powered off) checked the USB ports, no shorts. I've...
  22. I

    Lenovo Z500 laptop taking forever to start

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I bought my Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 in Oct 2013 pre-loaded with Win 8, which I upgraded to 8.1 and then Win 10, all without problem. It is used in a clean atmosphere and treated with care and has worked flawlessly until a couple of weeks ago. The problem is that it is...
  23. N

    Laptop keeps restarting on splash screen. Please help!

    So I took out the hard drive cause I wanted to clone it to an ssd on my pc, but I forgot that I was cloning it and I turned the laptop on and now it just loops on the Samsung splash screen. I tried tapping all the f buttons but it still won't go to the bios. And holding the power button doesn't...
  24. N

    MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro G won't make it past the MSI Splash screen

    This issue has been plaguing me for months and forcing me to stay on Windows 8 instead of 10. I was running Windows 10 on my laptop (I upgraded to it when it first came out in summer of 2015) and a few weeks after being on 10 my MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro G wouldn't turn off and the screen was...
  25. R

    Cq62 won't boot past splash screen with battery in.

    I have been going nuts trying to figure this out.My laptop won't boot past splash screen if laptop battery is in unless I hard reset it.It will boot fine on ac power everytime but not with battery in.If I plug battery i after it is booted,it says it's charging.I have done the battery test...
  26. Rannison

    Toshiba Satellite C55-A5100 - New Hard drive - Freezes on Windows splash screen

    Hi Everyone, I am helping out a coworker who has a Toshiba Satellite C55-A5100 laptop. They reported that the laptop is stuck on Windows splash screen at start-up and never boots. I did put in the old hard drive and verify it doesn't freeze, it just stays on the splash screen indefinitely and...
  27. N

    SI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro G won't make it past the MSI Splash screen on W10

    This issue happened a week ago. I was running Windows 10 (For a few weeks) and last week my MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro G wouldn't turn off and the screen was black. So I hold down the power button and it turns off. I press the power button again to turn it back on and it starts up like normal...
  28. F

    Toshiba satellite L775d-s7210 no longer POSTs, blank screen on boot

    Toshiba Satellite no longer POSTS, black screen I have a Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7210 laptop that refuses to boot properly. I've owned this laptop for about 4 years and this problem just happened a few days ago. It can turn on, but it leads to a blank screen (as if the lcd is disconnected from...
  29. R

    Bios stuck on first splash screen

    Hello..my computer is stucked on first splash screen and i am not able to enter BIOS as mouse and keyboard is not ready to use by system (both mouse and keyboard are not working this time). but my mouse and keyboard are perfectly working. So can anyone please help to get rid of this thing...
  30. A

    want to change the splash screen of laptop

    model:- hp pavilion g4 1303 au i want to change the splash screen of my laptop given by state government .is there any way for it,please guys can anybody help me....
  31. A

    Windows 8 Computer Bricked! No bios splash screen.

    * I CAN NOT MAKE ANY HARDWARE CHANGES * Hey, I got a virus on my computer and instead of booting into the windows 8, it just says "Please wait.." forever and starts its virus spreading routine (hard-drive activity on all my other computers on boot, i have since formatted those and changed my...
  32. J

    I have a Sunstech TAB 77 tablet with no Android on it. What next?

    All I get is the Sunstech splash-screen. Does this mean Android is installed but not working, or do I need to do a clean install? Sunstech website not much help.
  33. tech-wreck

    dell lattitude d630 - stuck at the splash screen, may have bricked it

    i tried upgrading the memory and now the splash screen appears upon pressing the power button. and that's it. someone suggested i need to flash the bios, but i wouldn't know where to look... if that's the case, where can i find instructions or a video tutorial? if it's beyond repair.. well, i...
  34. D

    Vertical and horizontal lines

    My laptop worked fine this morning, this afternoon I turn it on and the screen is just black and white, very fine horizontal and vertical lines. No windows splash screen etc...No drops or spills.
  35. C

    Toshiba Satelitte p300 notebook black screen after Splash Screen

    (PLEASE MOVE INTO THE RIGHT THREAD AS I KNOW ITS THE WRONG ONE BUT I COULDNT FIND ONE THAT MATCHES THIS THREAD!!!!) Hi, I have an old Toshiba Satelitte, i haven't used it for a long time so out of curosity, i thought i might boot it up. But after the splash screen with the toshiba logo and the...
  36. senorcrunch

    Dell laptop not booting past Dell splash screen hearing Audible beep from beneath keyboard

    More info to come when I am off work, would appreciate any insight to this topic in the mean time
  37. M

    Acer Aspire V3-731 how to get into bios or boot selection menu?

    Hey guys I have this Acer which has the well-known anoying acer splash screen instead of the windows loading screen and no matter what I press - Tab, f2, f8, f10, f12, or all of the above with the combination of FN I can't get around the splash screen to get into Bios, neither can I get the boot...
  38. I

    Can't play any Borderlands on my laptop

    hi i've bought a new laptop and i really want to play borderlands 1 and 2 on it but i just can't if i click the borderlands1.exe nothing happens my cursor loads for 10 second and then i goes back to normal and when i click borderlands 2.exe the splash screen comes up and after a few seconds it...
  39. E

    Help uninstalling virtu MVP

    When I put a graphics card in (R9 290 DD) my system wont even flash but when i take it out it will. I have found that many people have uninstalled this program and it has worked for everyone who has had my problem but i'm not sure how to uninstall it :/
  40. R

    Laptop stuck on bios splash screen and makes weird beeping noises

    Hello all, first time using this forum so don't hate on the noob. Anyway i am an australian school student who was able to get a laptop from the department of education. My laptop is stuck on the splash screen and isn't responding to f2,f8,esc, etc. but it is responding to crt=alt=delete which...
  41. B

    Fujitsu Amilo 2727 li, won't boot, not able to re-install windows

    it will not boot into windows vista home basic 32bit, goes past splash screen, the microsoft corperation loading screen, then goes to a blank page with a cursor (that I can move, it is not frozen). I have tried installing vista again through cd(tried newley burnt cope) and usb thumb drive, press...
  42. B

    Toshiba Satelite L655d - black screen after toshiba logo/splash screen

    The laptop would turn on, I would see the option for the bios menu and the boot menu on the Toshiba splash screen, but then once the screen clears, i see a little cursor blink about 4-5 times, then the screen just stays black. I thought it was a very bad virus, so i pulled the HDD out and...
  43. T

    Laptop Sometimes does not boot Splash Screen

    As my title says, sometimes when I turn my laptop on the splash screen does not show up, just a black screen, like only the LCD back-light is on. Not dead-black, but just no image or anything even though the display is on, or seems to be. Usually if I just turn off the machine and restart it the...
  44. A

    Asus K55N Indigo Startup Issues

    Specs Asus K-Series K55N Indigo Laptop Windows 8 64 bit 6GB RAM 750GB WD HDD Pre-Problem Today (3/1/14) I started up my Asus laptop, everything was fine when it suddenly froze on the Netflix app. I had to hard reset, then the problems started happening. The Problem The usual order for my...
  45. W

    Laptop rebooting at BIOS Splash Screen

    I am repairing a Samsung R730 for a friend. The laptop keeps rebooting at the BIOS splash screen. I tried swapping out ram and booting without battery, hard drive, or optical drive. I also disassembled the laptop and cleaned/applied more cooling paste to the CPU and GPU. This produced the same...
  46. M

    My phone STUCKED on Splash screen!!!

    My phone stuck on the splash screen. It won't turn on. Please help me !
  47. viveknayyar007

    How to Disable Splash Screen When Winamp Starts

    If you're using an older computer, there may be a delay if you have the splash screen enabled. If so, you may want to disable it. After following the instructions given in this tutorial, you will be able to easily disable the Winamp player splash screen.Just follow these steps: Here is how you...
  48. T

    Sony Vaio hung up on BIOS screen

    My laptop just hangs up on the initial splash screen. I am not able to get into BIOS by hitting F2. I kept it on for a long time but it just stays on that initial screen without moving any further.
  49. D


    Hey guys, Ive been having a strange problem with my laptop and now its not able to boot anymore. Its a Compaq Presario CQ61 110-SA. I bought it a few years ago. Basically one night I was using my laptop and I decided to put it on hibernate. Then, when I next turned it on it was at the...
  50. M

    Sager laptop passes bios then hangs

    This Sager np-series laptop goes through the bios splash screen then the screen turns black with a single cursor blinking at top left. It hangs there. I cannot see a sager model number but under the battery it says Model W88CU and almost hidden by the bar code label it says CLEVO CO. This was...
  51. kroeger

    Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

    I have been having problems with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. The black splash screen comes up and then nothing, it just sits there the program does not load fully. Processor : i7 3930k Motherboard : DX79TO Extreme tuning utility : version 3.​1.​201.​5...
  52. R


    I recently installed SRS HD AUDIO LAB at startup a splash screen...well, splashes there is an option to disable it....but it didn't work in regedit, it shows false for splash screen but it still appears on startup help!
  53. G

    What Remote Desktop program is this?

    I remember there was this remote desktop program that could not only allow you to control the client, but also show your screen to the client to do presentations and such. Whenever the program started up, a splash screen either blue or green of an eye would appear. I had forgotten the name of...
  54. W

    MS Words 2003 hang at startup and other hang when opening

    Hi, I really need help somewhere as I had tried all means to repair my Office 2003. Recently, my words 2003 hang at startup screen (splash screen) and other office applications hang when opening any files. I had tried uninstall and reinstall and even install office 2000 to see whether it is...
  55. J

    After Effects 8 Only Recognizing 4GB of 8GB ram.

    Hi, I recently built an 8 GB ram core 2 quad system and installed XP-64bit. In system properties it shows that the OS recognizes my 8GB ram but for some reason After Effects will only recognize 4GB. The AE 8 splash screen that shows up during load and says "2% of 4GB total used" and also the...
  56. X

    Dell W3707C Not Displaying Anything

    So, my W3707C is just over a year old. I went to turn it on after having been away for a few weeks, and the DELL splash screen appears, but for less than a second (unusual), afterwhich the screen goes black and remains black, as if the tv were off. Sound from whatever input is selected still...
  57. G

    Toshiba splash screen help

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Got brand new A45-S151. The Toshiba splash screen has some icons that will let you decide where to boot from (floppy, CD etc.) However the screen is only up for an instant. Is there anywhere that I can set it to stay up for 5 or 6 seconds...
  58. M

    Creative Playcenter

    After intalling Creativ Playcenter, every time I start Windows 2000 it shows the creative icon and plays some tunes. I unchecked the "enable splash screen" box in settings but it still does it. How can I get rid of it, especially the sound?