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    My laptop pc can't connect to any LAN games at all.

    Hamachi and any other network programs are uninstalled, and i've tried turning off Firewall. Is something wrong with my PC?
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    Laptop sending out bytes connection says network 2 connections hamachi? Am I being hacked?

    So I was watching anime as normal when suddenly my internet stops working (only on laptop phone is fine) and it has that little computer picture, so I click on that and it says no connections found. So I right click the limited access sign even though it says no connections found on the actual...
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    CouponDropDown Won't leave me alone!

    So i installed Hamachi to use it to play with my friends.After a while I INSTANTLY notice when i went to amazon I got a ton of Adware on my amazon page.Most are gone like VPN obrona deals and Coupons.But the one that seem to keep getting through my uninstalls is "CouponDropDown". And also...
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    LogMeIn Hamachi "Failed to connect to the Hamachi Servers." Error

    Hello! So I have had logmeinhamachi for about a year. Now about 6 months ago I started getting this error. "Failed to connect to the Hamachi servers. Would you like Hamachi to automatically monitor server availability and establish a connection as soon as it becomes possible ?" Obviously I click...
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    Hamachi and skype crash when i host a lan world in minecraft

    Hey guys, My friend and i like to play minecraft together. Before I discovered hamachi, i would always have to go to my friends house to play with him. Then i discovered hamachi and we both got it and use skype to talk to each other while we play. For somereason, however, I cant host a world...
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    LogMeIn Hamachi network adapter driver not installing

    When i normally install hamachi, the network adapter driver install shows up during the installation process, but when i check my network and sharing center there is no sign of hamachi. There also no sign of it in device manager. I tried manually installing the driver using the add hardware...