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  1. T

    FPS Drop While Gaming Because Of Cooling Down?

    Hello, first of all thanks to all for supporting me. My case is I own an Alienware 15 R2 with Spec: Proc - Core i7-4710 HQ GPU - GTX 980m RAM - 8GB Here's simplest I can share here. And I faced a problem where when gaming for some period, this happen in games that really throttle the GPU for...
  2. F

    Macbook Pro 15 (2011) $500 vs Macbook Pro Retina (2015) $2500

    Hi there! i currently use a dell laptop from 2012 with 8gb ram, dual core i5 3210, gt 630m and samsung evo 840 ssd. this plays games alright and i have been doing a lot more media production work lately. so far this laptop handles photoshop just fine and its an excellent laptop for overall use...
  3. Nadav Erez

    Buy Haswell or wait for Broadwell?

    I am going to buy a laptop for school, and need 6< hours of battery life, and I am also on a budget of 550$ max.Optimal screen size is 14", second choice 13.3" and third choice 15.6". Performance isn't an issue, as I am just going to be writing documents and browsing the web- I will be doing...
  4. A

    Best budget laptop for intense multitasking

    Im looking for the best laptop i can get for my needs under £460 British pounds and it has to be available in the UK for that price. I really liked the look of the Lenovo U series and the Dell 7000 series both of which i could afford in the US but not in the UK so you see the prices don't always...
  5. J

    Best Bestbuy thin-ish gaming laptop?

    Hi, i am looking for an laptop replacment that is somewhat thin and has an good i7 CPU and good GPU. Please help! Budget ($1400 MAX) Battery 5hrs + Good build quality 1080p is an must.
  6. T

    i3 laptop with dedicated graphics?

    I have been looking at a laptop to get for school work and some light/mid level gaming. I saw in another thread that someone had found a laptop with an i3 4000m and a GTX 765m. I do not need a graphics card of that caliber, but I would like to at least see the pricing on it. PLEASE: do not...
  7. V

    Is there another laptop like this? [acer aspire v7-582pg]

    Hi everyone, Over the next few days I'm planning on buying my new laptop. Now, I am looking for an ultrabook and I realize my demand are a bit high for my budget. The only laptop that I have found so far, is this one. My budget is €1000,00. What I want for that is a thin 15" ultrabook...
  8. G

    Help with laptop decision?

    Alright guys, first post on here and I appreciate your time! Wondering what the expert opinions on here think of my options here. I'm using this laptop as a computer I take to class for notes and such, maybe casual on-the-go gaming, but also for DJaying via Traktor. What I was ideally looking...
  9. T

    Looking for Gaming/editing Haswell i7 laptop

    Hey! As the title states, I am thinking about buying myself a new computer. This time Im gonna do it right! So I want a laptop where I can not only play games on, but also enjoy it with high/full quality. I am also a heavy editor, and love to edit in After Effects, which takes alot of power to...
  10. samuraimastr

    Gaming laptop help

    This isn't exactly supposed to be a pour all of my money into a laptop kinda laptop, but I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not there currently exists a laptop with an i7-4700 processor and an 8970m GPU. I'm not a huge fan of AMD's APUs, but that's all I've been able to find the 8970m...
  11. C

    Buy ultrabook now or wait for Haswell?

    Hey guys! I'm currently in the need of a laptop (I don't own one atm), and I think it's going to be an ultrabook, as I'm going to be carrying to school every day. But then I thougt, is this a bad time to buy a new laptop, when Haswell is just around the corner? Besides school stuff (office...