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  1. Redlikethesea

    Solved! Laptop locked and can't switch on

    HELP My laptop just said locking and then it switched off and i can't switch it on and when i hold the power button for 20 seconds or so The keyboard flashes and all the lights are off like the charging light. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP
  2. KoroA

    Solved! New RCA Voyager 3 won't turn on

    I just got a new RCA Voyager iii tablet from Walmart for some mobile games, I managed to do a basic setup on it but when I went to update Google Play services it froze up. I left it for about 5 minutes seeing if it would unfreeze, but it didn't so I held the power button until it turned off...
  3. chaudharyharsh

    Solved! Laptop charger getting defective again and again.

    I bought lenovo legion y540 last year and in 3-4 months the charger pin got defected and i got it replaced since it was under warranty. But again in a few months the new charger got faulty and it was replaced again and i am sure it was the charging pin both times cause it got faulty gradually...
  4. Abdalhady hishmah

    Question MSI gp76

    So yesterday I got my MSi gp76 10UE-230XTR so far its a great laptop it can run my games like the rtx 3060 expected to. If I had any issue I will update
  5. A

    Solved! Is 52 degrees bad?

    my laptop cpu run on 50-60 degree c, while doing nothing or just watching youtube is it ok? and what should i do? because i already have a external fan and i'm worried please help me, my laptop : Acer A515-51G-500Z with a I5-8250u UHD graphics 620 and mx130 with 12 gb ram
  6. K

    Solved! Screen problems on Huawei

    Hi! I dropped my phone and my screen c*racked. The LCD is not damage because it still work properly but the thing is the outer screen (?) broke and my phone looks ugly as hell. It's also hard to read because the cracks are everywhere. What kind of screen do I buy and how to change it? Im...
  7. I

    Solved! CPU usage 100% for no apparent reason

    Hello. Since about 2 months back, my CPU has been spiking at 100% when I play games such as CSGO, Warthunder, World of Tanks, IL-2 etc etc. My specs are as following: Nvidia GTX 960 Intel i5 6600k 12gb of RAM Windows 10 My temperatures hover at 35 degrees in idle, and around 50 degrees while...
  8. vlvtrse

    Solved! Help with Chromebook

    hello... my chrome book will turn on but it only shows vertical lines w the background black. it responds, it’ll turn off and on and the brightness works but the screen only shows lines. please help.