Solved! Laptop charger getting defective again and again.

Mar 2, 2021
I bought lenovo legion y540 last year and in 3-4 months the charger pin got defected and i got it replaced since it was under warranty.

But again in a few months the new charger got faulty and it was replaced again and i am sure it was the charging pin both times cause it got faulty gradually and charger would work when pin was oriented in a certain way.

Now the third one's pin is again getting faulty. What is the possible problem?

The charger gets defective after I play a game and I think fans are not working properly or it might be earthing problem of socket.
The charger pin gets very hot in a short time when laptop is on, when its off(and charging) its fine. The brick is fine 100%.
I would guess the charging connector on the laptop side is defective. The pin should not get hot. You need to replace the connector. This is not easy to do on some laptops.