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  1. T

    Laptop shutting down

    Hi, my laptop keeps on shutting down all of a sudden when i use it, especially when i run high power games such as league of legends. I think it might be my charger which is 90w supplying too little power for my 120w laptop but i am not too sure. I am asking this so i can figure out the main...
  2. C

    Gaming laptop sought for c. £2,500 - is now a good time to buy?

    Hi everyone - yes, I'm new here! Insert usual wrong-forum apologies My Samsung 7 Series Gamer (700G7C) is coming to the end of its life - not bad for the three years of service it has given me. While I know how to build a desktop and, indeed, the savings one represents, a limit on space...
  3. S

    High CPU usage in all apps.

    On my computer I noticed that my cs:go was running kinda weird until it suddenly crashed. I opened task manager onto my second monitor and saw that is was using 90% upwards of my cpu then it would crash. then when i went onto google chrome i noticed that it was also runnning slowly and using...
  4. fooball

    Why do some laptops battery lives last longer than same-hardware others?

    Hi, I have a Eurocom M3 (aka clevo w230st) with i7-4700mq, 12gb ram, 1x 128gb msata ssd, 1x 7200rpm 500gb hdd, 1080p 13.3" screen, GTX 765m. Looking up numerous reviews for other laptops, I realized that my laptop's battery life is horrible compared to similar spec laptops like the Razer Blade...
  5. C

    High-end Macbook Pro 15 alternative

    Hello, i am a IT/software student looking for a new laptop. I currently have a Sony Vaio Z (the performance is good, but the screen is too small! and the build quality is very bad). I want a 15" ULTRABOOOK. I like the Macbook 15" Retina because of it's battery life, specs, ssd and LOW WEIGHT...
  6. N

    MSI GS60 2PE for gaming/programming

    I'm going to buy a new laptop and i saw MSI GS60 ghost is very light and thin and also power house for anything i'm not killer gamer but some times i like to play games,computer programming and also i need my laptop portable for everyday use in any where and it should be a high end performance...
  7. S

    looking for a thin notebook

    I am looking for a nice thin and power notebook. I don't care if it's a convertible or what, i'd like it to be thin, have an i7 or a high power i5. Anything else is pretty much flexible.
  8. W

    Not sure what audio system to purchase.

    I've seen two that caught up my attention : Corsair sp2500 high-power 2.1 bass http://www.corsair.com/en/pc-computer-audio/pc-computer-speakers/gaming-audio-series-sp2500-high-power-2-1-pc-speaker-system.html and Pioneer SP-PK22BS...
  9. S

    Best Speakers among them

    Hi, I want to buy a high end PC Speakers 2.1 System. My options are 1. ALtec Lansing MX6021 2. Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-power 2.1 3. Logitech 2.1 Z623 Please tell me which the best of them.
  10. P

    Does a high power gaming laptop

    consume the same amount of energy that a mid range desktop consume?
  11. G

    Low cost-High Power Netbooks

    With computex 08' in full swing I have started looking for an ultra portable laptop. I"m looking to spend maximum $500, preferably $400 or less. I defiantly want the new Intel Atom processors clocked at 1.6GHz. I'm hoping for 16-32GB of SSD. I'm trying to stay away from a typical Hdd for...