Laptop shutting down

Oct 22, 2018
Hi, my laptop keeps on shutting down all of a sudden when i use it, especially when i run high power games such as league of legends. I think it might be my charger which is 90w supplying too little power for my 120w laptop but i am not too sure. I am asking this so i can figure out the main problem and have it fixed right away.
Oct 22, 2018
Update: i don’t think it’s because of overheating as it also shuts down when i just turn on the laptop and when it shuts down, the battery light which shows orange (charging) turns green and it just immediately shuts down
I would still monitor the temps. Also consider monitoring the battery. If it is going down faster than normal, or charging faster than it should, you may need to replace it. Alas, some laptops won't run without a correctly functioning battery.
Oct 22, 2018
Yes, i think it might also be my battery because whenever i charge the laptop, it is always at 0% but i can still run the laptop and when i unplug the charger, the laptop also shuts down.

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