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  1. G

    Best Water Leak Detectors: Protect Your Home from Damage

    The latest water leak detectors can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs, but which one is right for you? Best Water Leak Detectors: Protect Your Home from Damage : Read more
  2. A

    looking for a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver

    For my TV. I need a bluetooth transmitter/receiver which can transmit audio to two headsets(preffered). Also without any lag or quality loss. Please help out. It would be swell if they are also available in India, so that I dont have to deal with importing problems.
  3. J

    I do I find my LG-G5 phone when its turned off?

    I left my phone in the room last weekend and can't find it. I had it in that room and it's not there.
  4. G

    Best TVs Under $250

    We tested six budget-friendly TVs, ranging from 32 inches up to 40 inches to find out which one is the best. Best TVs Under $250 : Read more
  5. G

    Westinghouse Amazon Fire TV Review: Alexa Smarts, So-So Picture

    The 43-inch Amazon Fire TV Edition is tempting, but the picture quality from this set doesn't measure up to the advanced, Alexa-centric interface. Westinghouse Amazon Fire TV Review: Alexa Smarts, So-So Picture : Read more
  6. K

    Windows 7 Home Basic OA india

    My laptop Lenovo Z580 originally came up with Windows 7 home basic oa India...But when I upgraded to windows 8.1 pro..I am facing some issues.Where can I download original 7 home basic oa India? Please help.
  7. V

    Home Coaxial Replacement

    Recently tried to have HDTV installed in my home. The cable guy said our coaxial cables in the house are too old and produce too weak a signal for the upgrade. I believe they are RG-59. We have decided to have all of the coaxial cables in the house replaced due to this issue. What is the best...
  8. T

    Stereo setup used for media center

    Hello everyone, First of all, I don't know much about audio/video installations. I always have been watching movies on my TV only and listening to music with my computer speakers. I have recently bought a new stereo (speakers and receiver) for music listening. Since I don't have a surround...
  9. LuckyTheLadyBug

    Best headphones with microphone under $60

    I am looking for a new pair of headphones now that the left side of my old ones gave out. also since I am using a mic that clips to my keyboard, I think that needs an upgrade as well. I know walmart has got that sale tomorrow and best buy today. I would like to not buy from amazon if possible...
  10. H

    beep sound at the startup of my laptop

    Sir I'm having HP pavilion g6 1301tx laptop runs on Windows 7 home basic.From last 2 years I'm hearing a beep sound(not too loud)at the startup and it is taking lot of time to load Windows.I have done hard disk diagnostics also but no error.recently I have formatted it and removed all programs...
  11. K

    my laptop is giving 3 beep sound when i start it..its a dell Inspiron5050

    my laptop is giving 3 beep sound when i start it..its a dell Inspiron5050 windows 7 home basic
  12. M

    hp pavilion g6 laptop types wrong key after installing windows8

    hp pavilion g6 laptop originally had windows 7home basic to which i changed to windows 8 pro and some of key like shift+2 typed " instead of @ even though i tried to change the language from english uk to US but, it did not work
  13. A

    [ASAP] Toshiba z30 - right for me?

    So I have until the end of the week to decide whether to get Z30 for under 800€ (it's on discount) which is my budget. My question is whether it can be used as an ONLY pc? I'd be using it at home, mostly for watching movies and seldom playing games no heavier than LoL. I'd probably need more...
  14. S

    some keys fault

    in my laptop esc caps lock backspace and f11 key not working hv pavilion g4 window 7 home basic
  15. C

    does microsoft security essentials have a firewll

    hello im using a win 7 home basic sp1 and i was wondering if windows security essentials provide internet security any article regarding what it provides would be great
  16. N

    original version recovery

    I had windows 7 home basic before.Then i installed windows 8 but then installed windows 7 ultimate.I got lot of driver installation problem hence want original version.I have no cd.how can i recover the original version...??
  17. Q

    Who can use Office

    Question about Microsoft Office 2010 Office Home and Student License. What is the registration process like? More specifically, if you get 3 users (3pcs) do you have to have the same family name? Many members of households have different last names these days. Thank you
  18. M

    Free toshiba recovery cd download L355-S7905

    I need recovery boot disk for Vista Home Basic.
  19. N

    Bluetooth in acer aspire 5732z

    where download blooetuth driver for acer aspire 5732z window 7 home basic
  20. S

    Audio devices for windows 7 home basic for dell laptops at inspiron 64bit

  21. H

    Reset acer erecovery console

    Hello, Acer 3680 vista home basic. No eRecovery media available from Acer. PQSERVICE intact, won't burn from Windows. How to install new harddrive w/factory image?
  22. D

    Solved! External microphone is not working

    I have a Dell N5010 with windows 7 home basic.Unable to use an exernal headset,the microphone is not working. Internal mic is though working.I am having IDT HD sound drivers. I tried to re-install the sound drivers but of no help. Microphone is not muted anywhere.Even trying to test the...
  23. G

    Dell inspiron 1440 with os windows vista home basic is eligible for windows 7 up

    i am having dell ispiron 1440 with wista home basic edition can my system is eligible for windows 7
  24. T

    Celeron Software Compatability?

    I just ordered a HP550 Celeron. It comes with Windows Vista Home Basic. CAN I upgrade it to the 64 bit Ultimate?
  25. M

    Memory window vista home basic

    160 Hz 773 ram I just added 1GB and it still says I only have 43.2Gb free of 730GB