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  1. T

    IE 8 downgrade

    How do I downgrade to Internet Explorer 8
  2. G

    Zero-Day Browser Exploit Prompts Urgent Microsoft Fix-It

    Microsoft warns users of Internet Explorer about a new browser-based exploit; the fix is temporary and doesn't cover all users. Zero-Day Browser Exploit Prompts Urgent Microsoft Fix-It : Read more
  3. R

    Internet explorer Issues

    Hi I am facing the same issue with IE , 1. Not able to right click along on IE window 2. In my case even tools is not displayed. 3. IE hangs on start up 4. Not able to uninstall ie8, it says some files missing and failed to copy. Please advise.. Thanks
  4. G

    Download IE8 on Windows 7 Home Premium

    I need to Download IE8 on Windows 7 Home Premium. I just uninstalled IE9 due to issues. I now cannot find my Internet Explorer at any level. Every time I go to the IE website it only shows Downloads for IE9, so what do I do?? thank you for your help!!
  5. G

    [Solved] How to re install ie8 on win7

    I have uninstalled IE9 from my Windows 7 Home Premium and now need to download a fresh IE8 install. Every time I go to the Internet Explorer website->Downloads it only shows me IE9!! I'm going crazy!! Please would a professional help give me a correct procedure to do this task. Thank you for...
  6. D

    My home page loads but cant load other websites

    i can only load my home page on both firefox and ie8. what can i do to fix this problem.
  7. E

    IE8 Rollout

    Hi, The organization i work for are planning on rolling out IE8 to the business to replace IE7. However, before we do this, I want to ensure all things are taken in to consideration before the rollout and tested thoroughly. I can think of a number of things that will need to be tested but I was...
  8. JrFreak

    One forum not showing correctly... IE8

    One other forum I visit started to show incorrectly. Many sections of the home page are plain wite background and links to stuff (like the forum) are in outline form. I'm missing buttons from the forum also. "New Thread", "Post Reply", "Edit", "Quote", etc are all missing. I'm guessing it is...
  9. B

    Reinstall ie8 windows 7

    I installed IE Version 9 and would like to reinstall Version 8. I am using Windows 7 operaating system. When I try to download IE8 I get a message that my system does not support IE 8. Any suggestions
  10. H

    Internet explorer 8 download for windows 7

  11. ksiemb

    IE8 Back Button Nuance

    Been using IE8 for sometime, but just recently, when doing a normal click on the back button, sometimes 3 or 4 times, nothing happens. But clicking, and holding the mouse button down for a couple of secs works. Have not added any addons or changed settings.
  12. M

    Java? issue in IE8

    Hi All, I'm at a loss. The problem that I'm having cannot be replicated on another system, other than the one in question, so I know there has to be a fix. When I go to "" in IE8 the page never loads and I have an "Initialize" in the top bar. If I view the page source I can...
  13. P

    Displaying @ symbol in IE with trajan pro regula r font

    Hello, My site is using trajan pro regular font and it is not showing @ symbol in IE8? Can any one solve this?
  14. C

    Micrographics 10 with xp

    Tried a couple of times installing a genuine Picture Publisher 10 on to XP SP3 but disables Internet Explorer 8. Any ideas?
  15. K

    Reinstall ie8 windows 7

    i lost both ie8 and ie9. i need to re-install.
  16. V

    Reverting to IE8 from IE9

    I have a question here that I hope someone can answer. I recently upgraded to IE9 on a Windows 7 32 bit OS. The problem is the main website that I will be working with for my company does not yet support IE9 (next release will) and thus a lot of the clients I will be working with will also not...
  17. G

    Firefox 4 Mobile Faster than IE8 on a PC

    Is Firefox 4 Mobile so fast that it could beat a browser running on PC hardware? Firefox 4 Mobile Faster than IE8 on a PC : Read more
  18. B

    How to use two internet options

    Hello, i have firefox and internet explorer8. 8 will not open what do i do
  19. A

    using firefox but ie8 running ads in the background and pop up message

    i'm running firefox, but have ie8 running ads in the background and ones in a while get a pop up message, " problem with this web page caused internet explorer to stop and re-start this tab". how do i stop this add and stop ie from running.
  20. J

    Right click not working in IE8 main window but works on desktop and explorer

    My right click hasn't worked in the main window of IE8 for the last 2-3 weeks, but works just fine in Explorer and the desktop. I can't open links in new windows, save pictures, etc. I have Windows 7 Home Premium. Is there any way to fix this?
  21. exfileme

    Microsoft Ad Execs Nuked IE8 Privacy Features

    The Internet Explorer 8 development team wanted more user-controlled privacy settings. Microsoft Ad Execs Nuked IE8 Privacy Features : Read more
  22. I

    Internet history !

    My one relative uses my PC to watch porn sites.. i have checked on Clear history on exit in IE8... i want to know what sites he visited ! any thing for it ??? my Pc got little slow after he uses my PC :s
  23. G

    IE8 always running in background, pop up, no way to fix..

    Hello, Yesterday, i noticed some IE8 pop up suddenly coming, it never happened before, so i searched and found that right after the system starts, a few iexplore.exe process are running in background... I tried everything possible to remove : AV & Malmware scan, even online... Then i restored...
  24. D

    Solved! Reinstall ie8 windows 7

    Hello, I installed firefox and uninstalled IE8 from windows 7 and now my wife isn't happy any clues please? The PC is a HP and has recovery discs instead of a disc like XP Pro where you could just reinstall app's anytime you wanted.
  25. M

    Internet option

    I instaled internet explorer 8 on my machine and i am trying to clear the history from internet option. but the problem is here that the internet option window is not opening. please guide me thanks in advance
  26. Rakivic

    How to re install ie8 on win7

    I got sortive a stupid question here. I uninstalled ie8 when I installed Firefox and I need ie8 now for one of my games do anyone know how I reinstall ie8 on win7 64bit...all the download's from the ie home page tell me that "it is not supported by this operating system". Thanks
  27. J

    Vista and IE8 issue

    This seems to be a very common problem. I have internet explorer 8 on both an XP and a Vista computer. The XP computer is giving me no problems. On the Vista computer when you launch IE you get an annoying warning that goes something like this: a program on your computer has corrupted your...
  28. damian86

    IE8 very slow and running 2 processes

    Hi, as i said, ie8 runs slow and takes long time to load up if i want to use it,+ when i open it i have 2 iexplore processes. is this ok? i have tried disabling all the add ons,but it doesnt make a change. how can i get it fixed? i did scan my pc for viruses with KIS but not virus found... ps...
  29. G

    Internet explorer 8 wont start

    hi i have internet explorer 8 and it wont boot i know that it works in safe mode so it could be one of my other softwares but im not entirely sure so please help
  30. R

    Internet Explorer Won't Start in XP

    A couple of days ago, the shield appeared in my system tray wanting to install updates. It was either wanting to upgrade IE7 to IE8 or else I already had IE8 and it was trying to install an IE8 update, not sure which. In any case, after I allowed it to install its updates, I have not been able...
  31. T

    Internet Explorer 8 and vista. multiple iexplorer.exe processes

    Hello everybody ! I installed the new Explorer 8 on vista ultimate 32 bit. I then realized tyhat 3 to 6 iexplorer.exe are running at the same time in task manager, using a lot of CPU resource. What's the problem? I scanned my PC (spyware doc, a-squared.etc..) but nothing wrong was found, except...
  32. G

    IE8: Your Behavior Made It Better

    By gathering data about how people use IE8, Microsoft could tweak and improve the final version of its new browser. IE8: Your Behavior Made It Better : Read more
  33. exfileme

    Microsoft's IE8 Release Candidate Now Live

    Today Microsoft announced the availability of Internet Explorer 8, Release Candidate 1 for public consumption. Microsoft's IE8 Release Candidate Now Live : Read more
  34. exfileme

    No Internet Explorer 8 Until 2009

    Microsoft reports that Internet Explorer won't be available to the general public until 2009. No Internet Explorer 8 Until 2009 : Read more
  35. G

    IE8 Beta 2 has a surprise for Windows XP SP3 users

    Ok, I get it: Beta software isn’t software that should be run on computers you rely on every day. IE8 Beta 2 has a surprise for Windows XP SP3 users : Read more
  36. G

    IE8 Beta 2: Great new features, old annoyances

    {First Look} – Microsoft today released the second beta of its upcoming Internet Explorer 8 web browser with a boatload of new functionality compared to the first beta that made its debut in March of this year. IE8 Beta 2: Great new features, old annoyances : Read more
  37. JMcEntegart

    Internet Explorer 8 to Incorporate Private Browsing

    Microsoft announced that it is currently working to incorporate private browsing into IE8 and reports suggest Mozilla could have similar functions in store for Firefox. Internet Explorer 8 to Incorporate Private Browsing : Read more
  38. G

    Internet Explorer 8 Beefed Up Against Hackers And Phishers

    Redmond (WA) - Microsoft is beefing up its upcoming Internet Explorer 8 browser with several security improvements against hackers and phishers. Internet Explorer 8 Beefed Up Against Hackers And Phishers : Read more
  39. G

    MIX 08: Microsoft Mixes it Up for The Web

    The first public showing of Internet Explorer 8 and Silverlight 2, and Microsoft saying online is really about ads: what matters from the MIX 08 conference. MIX 08: Microsoft Mixes it Up for The Web : Read more
  40. G

    Firefox 3 Beta 2 Out, IE8 On the Way

    Chicago (IL) - Following close on the heels of Opera 9.25, Mozilla has released a second, and much improved beta version of its Firefox browser. Microsoft also joined the announcement frenzy with a note that the software will be out in the first half o Firefox 3 Beta 2 Out, IE8 On the Way ...