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  1. L

    Windows doesn't see that mic is plugged in

    Hello, I recently purchased a Blue Yeti Mic. For some reason, windows does not even detect that it is plugged in. I have tried plugging it in to another computer and windows does not detect it either there. However, the mic is clearly working because the light is on. For those who don't know...
  2. B

    LG Input troubles

    I have a LG 65" UF6450. Recently while gaming on it, it went crazy. At first it looked like really bad screen tearing then everyhting was everywhere twice and back. I closed out the game thinking that was what was wrong but it persisted. Eventually it escalated into huge horizontal lines of...
  3. P

    What is the best, cheap, slim in-ear headphone?

    Hello! I am a podcaster. I have a Blue Yeti mic and an ASTRO A50 headset. I am looking for some slim in-ear headphones so I can listen to my voice live. What are your suggestions? They don't need to be top end stuff. They don't need to have great sound & block noise (preferably, don't block...
  4. D

    Headset issue (help quick please)

    So my new headset just arrived Its a corsair rapter hs40 usb and for some reason whenever i hear a noise it makes a wierd noise like when you have lost single to a radio, this noise stops after 10 seconds but is a huge annoyance. I have tried the headset on my laptop and it works fine there. I...
  5. N

    Food inside my s4 mini

    This might sound weird but i dont know how i got the food in there. It is in the charging slot and it is chocolate, will i still be able to charge my phone or would it cause problems if the phone was to hot and it melted. If i need to get it repaired can someone tell me how much it would cost...
  6. G

    Lenovo B750 Review

    The Lenovo B750 packs both beauty and brawn, thanks to its massive 29-inch widescreen display, speedy Core i7 performance and dedicated Nvidia GeForce graphics. Lenovo B750 Review : Read more
  7. Mike Andronico

    Lenovo C560 Touch

    The Lenovo C560 Touch boasts a full-HD touch screen, excellent audio quality and solid performance at an affordable price. Lenovo C560 Touch : Read more
  8. G

    Apple to Release Refreshed iMacs Next Week (Report)

    Apple will reportedly refresh its iMac line with a host of more powerful all-in-ones next week. Apple to Release Refreshed iMacs Next Week (Report) : Read more
  9. G

    HP Chromebox Specs Revealed

    The HP Chromebox boasts a zippy Intel Haswell chip, support for multiple monitors and four color options. HP Chromebox Specs Revealed : Read more
  10. N

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 Slow Rendering (Can't Render in Real Time)

    I am always using sony vegas for my editing and rendering, but I cant seem to render in real time no matter what setting I try. I change the format, but nothing seems to help. I have an AMD FX-8350 @ 4.4 Ghz, 16gb Gskill Ram 1600mhz, 120gb ssd for boot, 1tb wb black, 1tb wd blue, GTX 660ti. I...
  11. G

    HP Envy Rove 20 Review

    The HP Envy Rove 20 portable all-in-one provides smooth performance and plenty of fun content for the family. HP Envy Rove 20 Review : Read more
  12. D

    How do you hook up Bose speakers?

    Ok, so i have a pair of Bose 301 series IIII and i would like to know what cords i need to purchase to get them working. I have very basic knowledge on speakers and how to use them but i do know that i need some sort of cord to hook these up. All i have are the two speakers and they work fine...
  13. G

    Samsung ATIV One 7 2014: Like a Huge Windows Galaxy Tab

    The new ATIV One 7 looks like an oversized Samsung tablet, and it syncs directly with Galaxy phones. Samsung ATIV One 7 2014: Like a Huge Windows Galaxy Tab : Read more
  14. L

    xbox 360 audio through all in 1 pc speakers

    I have hooked up my xbox 360 to my all in one pc through an hdmi cable, but whenever I switch modes (ex. game mode, pc mode), the audio from the pc mode is playing whenever I am in game mode. How would I set up the audio so that it would play the xbox 360's audio when I am in the game mode...
  15. deathtbo

    Constant Sound Fading Out

    I have Afterglow Headphones, and when I have a constant noise, it will start to fade out. If there is a sudden noise it'll get loud again. Specs: CPU: I5-3550 GPU: Radeon HD 7850 2GB/OC RAM: 8GB HDD: 1TB 7200RPM OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit