What is the best, cheap, slim in-ear headphone?


Dec 27, 2015
Hello! I am a podcaster. I have a Blue Yeti mic and an ASTRO A50 headset. I am looking for some slim in-ear headphones so I can listen to my voice live.

What are your suggestions? They don't need to be top end stuff. They don't need to have great sound & block noise (preferably, don't block outside noise). Some simple $10 ones would work.
any in-ear other than earbuds is going to be sound isolating and block noise since they seal off your ear canal. earbuds however often become very uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

often earbuds, canalphones and iems are mislabled as just "earbud" which is not correct. earbuds sit outside the canal in your ear, canalphones sit inside your canals right at the entrance, iems sit deeper in your ear with longer stems.

good canalphone? look at soundmagic e10 or es18.
not sure about actual hard earbuds.. i've always used either cheap gummy brand or ipod earbuds which were not terrible but hurt my ears from wearing them so i stuck with canalphones or over-ears.