What would you recommend for a budget on ear headphone?


Dec 2, 2013
I am just looking for a budget on ear headphone, preferably under $50. I have heard good things about the Grado sr80 but unfortunately the price is out of my range at the moment and I don't want to buy used.

I will be mainly using this headphone for listening to music at work and recordings of lectures at home. I'd like an on ear headphone because over the ear headphones give me headaches and I can't hear my surroundings as well. I'd like to be aware of my surroundings when I'm using the headphones at work. I don't think it would matter much about sound leak and disturbing my co-workers because I won't be listening at high volumes but I could be wrong.

For some background, I've had KRK KNS over ear headphones and I find then to be too heavy and clunky. They give me ear pain and headaches after about 30 mins of use so I want to move away from that and try on ear headphones. I'm not very well versed in sound signatures/terms so please ask if there's anything I can clarify. I don't need a lot of bass, just something sooting and not to shrill/harsh.

Thank you in advance.