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  1. H

    Question Astro 40 headset

    I’ve had my Astro 40 headset for around 6 years now (since March 2014), and recently the sound coming from the speakers inside the headphones stopped producing sound normally. It isn’t that I can’t hear anything; it’s that it’s super quiet and not putting out all the full sound (i.e. I can’t...
  2. D

    Solved! Where to find a similar aux to the ASTRO a10 gaming headset

    I have an ASTRO A10 headset but I do not know where to find an aux like the one that came with it. The regular 3.5 broke off and now I can't use it. Instead of buying a new headset I thought I could just buy a new aux cable as it can detach from the headset completely but to find the proper 4...
  3. A

    Headset Not Working

    I Recently bought Astro a10s and have not been able to use them for pc. I tested them with my ps4 and they work fine. However when i plug it into my computer and it asks what I plugged in nothing happens. I looked into the audio settings and it is not even listed under input or output devices...
  4. D

    Astro A50 3Gen or Senheiser game zero

    Hi guys I can get both for 70 pounds Wondering which should I get and why? The A50 I mean the wireless version
  5. 2

    Mic isn't working but it did before.

    I have an astro headset, not sure what kind specifically but it's the one that has a cord that's detachable from both ends. The computer I'm trying to use it on is an Acer Nitro 5. The mic works on my switch, but not on my laptop anymore, how can I fix that?
  6. N

    Hi i can't get the correct sound from my home theater when i connect with my TV(astro). Need to increase the volume until max.

    Hi i can't get the correct sound from my home theater when i connect with my TV(astro). Need to increase the volume until max.
  7. Y

    Steelseries or astro

    Which one is better the steelseries arctis pro wireless or astro a50 3rd gen I’m one ps4 only
  8. D

    My XB1 S Has an Optical Port that is too tight how do I change this?

    My XB1 S has a tight optical port and I cant plug my astro a20's in. I have tried forcing it in but when it clicked it didnt stay in. If anybody knows the solution let me know.
  9. B

    Help with DT 990’s

    So I recently bought the DT 990 Pro’s paired with a Schiit Magni 3 and compared to my Astro A40’s w/ MixAmp the DT’s sound sooo much worse. What’s going on? I bought the DT’s based on excellent reviews but they sound bad, like they’re not clear at all and when gaming I can’t pinpoint anything...
  10. J

    Astro A40 TR Strange Mic Problem

    So my cousin has an astro a40 tr + mixamp pro tr that i talked him into getting and now hes to lazy to ask about but, there is a small problem with the mic that i just cant solve... it has worked fine since Christmas 2017 and as far as i know this only started this week. The microphone doesnt...
  11. M

    No Audio From Sound Blaster Z via Optical Out to Astro A50 Mixamp TXD Receiver

    Can someone please advise on how to get 5.1 audio from the optical output of the Sound Blaster Z sound card to the A50 Astro Mixamp TXD receiver/transmitter. I have followed numerous Youtube vids and forum posts but, alas, I STILL can not get it working. Here is how I have it set up: In Sound...
  12. SPAWN of II

    Solved! Buzzing In Headphones Using Aux Cable

    I have a ge62 2qd apache pro gaming laptop setup next to my Xbox. I run an aux cable from my laptop to my Astro a40 mix amp pro so that I can listen to music and podcasts while I play. Today a buzzing began playing into my headphones through the aux . It is loudest when the laptop is plugged in...
  13. E

    Is there a good recommended headset?

    My friend was offering me his Astro A40's. Mixamp,Cables,etc etc. For $160. Is there a better headset then the A40's for that kind of money
  14. D

    Razer or Astro??

    Hi, I'm hesitant to buy a RAZER ManOwar 7.1 wireless or the astro a40 without the mixamp
  15. D

    Logitech g933 vs astro a40 (Gaming, Streaming & Vidéo Editing)

    Hello, So I’m stuck choosing between Logitech g933 and Astro a40 My daily use is: Gaming, Video Editing, Streaming, Voice recording. The main difference between these two are : ASTRO A40 TR has a neodymium magnet highest frequency impedance no battery needed Logitech G933 supports...
  16. A

    Best Astro a40 Setup to switch between a PS4 and an Xbox One

    Hello so here is my predicament. I am wanting to use ONE headset for both game/party voice chat, and surround sound game volume. I am currently limited to using two different headsets being one for chat and the other for surround sound. My current setup is the HyperX Clouds IIs hooked up to a...
  17. F

    Astro Mix-amp + Hyper Clouds 2

    So I have the Astro A40 TR's, and love them a lot, but the sound quality isn't great. It sounds a little metallic and I have heard they don't do the mixamp justice. Plus my mic is going out... I was wondering if it would be worth getting the Hyper Cloud 2 headset to pair with my mixamp. I...
  18. C

    Audio-Technica BPHS1 for PC gaming?

    So i have been using my Astro A40s(2013 edition) for a good 2 years but my neighbor is selling his headphones, the Audio-Technica BPHS1 for $100(neighbor deal he says). I know Audio-Technica are well know for creating really great headphones so should i buy them to replace my A40s or should i...
  19. C

    Gaming Headset(wireless) + Microphone

    Hi, I currently I have the Astro A50's but was looking to trade them in for something better. I'm not really familiar with headphone stats, so I was hoping you guys could help. Budget: $300(including headphone + mic if separate) I need something with: Good battery life, wireless(must have)...
  20. G

    Charge A50 when pc turned off?

    If I play on pc, how am I supposed to charge my new a50 gen3 (I think its gen3, its the black ps4 version) when the dock turns off when I turn off my computer? I googled and didn't find anything. Only solution I can think of is buying an aux cable and plugging that into the pc while plugging...
  21. N

    astro a50 gen 1 vs Razer ManO'War Wireless 7.1??

    Hi, i own the astro a50 gen 1 for a long time and i dont know if you think is time to upgrade?? I was thinking about Razer ManO'War Wireless 7.1 mainly because i found them at a store for only 167 bucks. Thank you.
  22. J

    I can hear my voice through my mic

    I have "listen to this device" unchecked but I can still hear typing and shit through my mic. I have astro headphones
  23. E

    Astro A50 2014 XB1 compatability

    Hi! I can buy a brand new Astro A50 XB1 2014 for about 150$. Think I should go for that? Also, will that one work with PC (I don't play xbox 1, so will only be used for PC)? This is the one in question: Cheers
  24. D

    Good Audio System?

    So I am set on getting Sennheiser's PC360's, I really love the mic quality, now here is the catch. I want to be using this headset for my PS4 so I need a USB input. I have found this on Amazon and I would like to see your guy's thoughts/changes I should make. Thanks. Link...
  25. J

    MSI B150 Mortar onboard sound vs Asus Xonar DSX soundcard

    Recently, I won an ASTRO A40 xbox one version. I already bought an extension cord and a splitter for audio and the mic. All of it works fine, but my problem is I can't hear any sound quality improvement compered to my Logitech H390, wich is odd, compered to their prices. The Asus Xonar DSX...
  26. K

    Is a astro a50 worth it over a hyperx could 2

    So, I've got a great offer on a Astro a50, but i've got a HyperX could 2. The offer is 50£ for the Astro a50, but it's a bit used. Should I buy it? Need a answer quickly :D
  27. R

    can i use it on ps4s

    can you have the astro a50 on ps4s
  28. L

    Asus Strix 7.1 Wireless vs Astro A50 Wireless

    I want to know which of the two headsets are better. (Asus Strix 7.1 Wireless vs Astro A50 Wireless) Thanks!
  29. B

    Gaming Headset Help - Astro Gaming - A50 Wireless, Logitech G933, G4ME ZERO, G4ME ONE...

    Hello, I am looking for headphones this weekend, and if possible a quicker reply would be appreciated. First, I'll tell you my current situation. I use both my PS4 and my PC frequently for gaming, listening to music, watching YouTube and movies, etc. My PS4 and PC are located right next to each...
  30. A

    Astro A40TR Headset

    how long will the Astro A40TR Headsets last me? Thanks In Advance :D
  31. AiZZe

    Astro mixamp with highend headphones

    Hello gent's I have a question that have been bugging me for a while now and i cant find a direct answer. First off I have been looking around for some highend headphones for gaming with attachable boom mic. The new setup will be a replacement for my current steelseries h headset. But I love...
  32. D

    Headset Recommendations for £150

    I need to replace my old Astro A40s as they broke. Any recommendations of headsets with great sound quality that can be used for primarily gaming (PC) and Media via an Xbox One (Movies and music) . Don't care about whether they are wireless or not. Also is an external mix amp worth buying...
  33. P

    Sennheiser Vs SteelSeries and Astro

    Out of the three, which are superior in sound quality. Really want to know about their 7.1 surround. I want to use them mainly for gaming and movies.
  34. StaticXNation

    PC headset better than the Astro A40s?

    So I've had the Astro A40s for about 3 years now or so. I think it's about time that I upgrade because 1. Part of the headset is broken and 2. I want the latest and greatest sound quality. So is there any PC headsets that beat the Astro A40s in terms of sound quality? Would preferably like...
  35. T

    What's the best gaming headset?

    I currently have an Astro A50 (old edition) and I would like to change to a high-end headset with a good microphone and good sound quality. I mostly use it for gaming and music. I want to change my headset because the mic is broken and its making some noises that are very annoying.My budget is...
  36. W

    what amp should i get for the sennheiser game one and ps4

    i want to buy the sennheiser game ones but i want an amp to get the best quality from the headset. i was thinking of using the new astro mixamp tr to hook it up to the ps4 but im not sure which will be better the astro headset or the sennheiser headset with the mixamp. if the astro mixamp isnt...
  37. C

    Does the Astro MixAmp Pro work with the Logitech G633 on the ps4 and pc?

    Does the Astro MixAmp Pro work with the G633 on the ps4 and pc? And does the surround sound work on ps4?
  38. D

    sennhieser hd 598 vs beyerdynamic DT series 770-990 32 ohm versions

    I'm deciding between these 4 headphones for a mod-mic+astro mixamp setup for streaming/gaming for xbox one/pc and movies. My price range is up too 300$ I like a nice balanced clear sound with a good sound-stage and punchy but not overwhelming bass will take other suggestions as well. I will...
  39. M

    Staticky Audio Through USB

    Hello All, Here is my issue. I have static in the audio on my Astro Mixamp Pro TR on the USB side only. The optical is clear as a bell. The Mixamp takes two audio sources and blends them together. One is optical and the other is USB. Optical is for the main audio source and USB is for chat...
  40. Spinny99

    Looking to upgrade from my Astro A50's to something a bit better. Suggestions?

    Currently have the Astro A50's which are pretty nice, but I'm looking for something that sounds a little better and feels a little nicer (as in nice earpads). Looking to spend around $300 if possible, and I also need to factor in a mic, which will probably end up being a modmic. I also may need...
  41. M

    Astro a40 optical cable

    Hi, ive been using my Astro a40s for 2 years, i bought a soundcard with them because the use anoptical output cable. Today i noticed that the optical port in the soundcard was dark an i think that it should, and also have been lit up. then i turned on the computer and listened to music and i...
  42. F

    Astro A40 7.1 Surround Sound

    Ok, so I'm going to buy a sound card, but I don't know which one I should buy. I use Astro A40's without the mix amp (Mic Quality Is Bad), so I just have the wire going from my headset into a 3.5mm splitter. It splits into the green and pink wire, for audio and mic input respectively. I'm just...
  43. H

    Astro a40 tr worth the money?

    I was looking at getting a pair of astro a40s, my main question is are they a quality headset and worth the money for mainly pc gaming, watching youtube and twitch streams. This is one I was looking at: Unfortunately the a50s are...
  44. M

    HyperX Cloud 2 with Astro Mixamp on PS4?

    So I own the Cloud 2's and i want to use it with the astro mixamp. I bought 2 different mixamps from ebay, but both made the quality of the mic god awful. I know this set-up works tho, because my friend has the same exact set-up, and his works fine. Anyone know what to do here? Thanks!
  45. S

    Will Astro A40 headset work with ASUS X99 mobo without a sound card?

    Hi, does anyone know if the on-board sound of the ASUS X99 motherboard [1] will be sufficient enough for the A40 Mixamp TR headset [2] without a Sound Card (such as the A40's surround sound)? There's a lot of info regarding "Audio" on that motherboard's site, by I honestly don't know what to...
  46. aces19

    Best Headset For Me?

    Looking for a relatively low budget headset with some nice sound quality. To me, sound quality is everything. Looking to TRY and keep this under 200$, but if there is something really good out there then so be it. I am looking to see also if there is something that matches or exceeds the sound...
  47. A

    Astro A40's vs Sennheiser Game One

    Both of these brands seem to be very popular and i've heard good things about both. I will not be buying the mixamp version of the a40's, just the headphones. The Sennheiser's are about $139 and the a40's are about $150. I want them to be comfortable, good for gaming, maybe some music every now...
  48. Spinny99

    Switching from Astro A50's to AKG K7XX Massdrop Edition?

    Hi everyone. Currently an Astro A50 Owner, but over time I have decided that I want something better for listening to music + gaming. Don't get me wrong, the A50 is a great headset, but I still want something better. The AKG K7XX's are up on Massdrop for 48 more hours, and I was wondering if...
  49. H

    Astro a50 headset

    My astro a50 headset does not make any difference through the 3 presets and it is new, no difference in noise and it does not say anything. Is there a fix to this?
  50. P

    What is the best, cheap, slim in-ear headphone?

    Hello! I am a podcaster. I have a Blue Yeti mic and an ASTRO A50 headset. I am looking for some slim in-ear headphones so I can listen to my voice live. What are your suggestions? They don't need to be top end stuff. They don't need to have great sound & block noise (preferably, don't block...
  51. M

    Which Gaming Headset should i get? PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, so i need a good gaming headset for the Money, i play and chat mostly on Xbox One but sometimes want to hear gameplay on PS4 and PC. Here are my choices... HyperX Cloud ($60) HyperX Cloud II ($100) Xbox One Stereo Headset ($50-$60) ASTRO Gaming A40 PC Headset Kit (on sale $100) - not...
  52. M

    Cheap Solution to PC and Console Audio into One Headset

    Hello, I want to have a setup where I can have my pc and console near eachother and go into one audio output. I have two monitors so if I'm playing a console game I want to be able to use my computer at the same time while being able to hear audio from both. I know there is the Turtle Beach ACU...
  53. I

    Best gaming headsets? (PC,XB1)

    Hey I currently have the Astro a50s and they work wonderfully but I just wanted everyones opinion on the best headsets for xbox 1 and PC.
  54. C

    Sennheiser HD598 Surround Issue - Using Onboard Realtek

    I have bought the Sennheiser HD598 and will be getting a modmic to attach to it soon. I will be using them for gaming and teamspeak. I am having trouble with surround sound where enemies far away sound too distant away, like the volume is too low. Seem like sound behind me is played too low...
  55. B

    Workaround for the ASTRO TR Mixamp

    Ok, So I made a Semi-Flawless flow chart for a workaround for the TR Mixamp with and the Next gen consoles( If you have a One and a PS4 and don't want to buy a second mixamp ). But there is only one problem, The problem is that there are overlapping signals of the headset in the chart. But...
  56. O

    HELP me i need headset advice

    I mostly play cs:go, and my headset has been broken for a long ass time and i need a new one. The astro a40's are on sale for half price this weekend in denmark. But they might sell out so i need an answer quick. Are they 7.1 without the mixamp? And even if they are stereo, are they worth it?
  57. R

    AstroA40 MixAmpPro needed?

    Hello, I was looking for a new headset, and found the Astro A40s. Now my question is: is the Mix amp pro really needed? I don't have a sound card though, so maybe this could serve as one? Thanks a lot!
  58. X

    Buying new Headset, Help needed (Astro a40/50, Sennheiser Game one/zero/363d

    Hey guys, so i need a new headset my old Logitech G930 Broke. I Want a good headset with good sound a good bass and also a decent mic. I'm gonna be using them for Gaming/Music and just browsing the net. Price dos not really matter aslong the headset is worth it. These are the headsets i have...
  59. D

    Steelseries H Wireless vs Astro A50

    Hello everyone I am looking for a wireless gaming headset for my pc (laptop specifically). I am trying to decide between the Astro A50 or the Steelseries H wireless. I would be using it for gaming as well as watching tv and movies. Which do you think is better. If theres a better headset that...
  60. Procka

    Best headphones that allow live mic feed?

    I own Astro A40s and I really want to get rid of them. I want to look into getting a new headset that's more comfortable, sounds better, and has a live mic feed (mic monitoring) so I can hear myself talking through the mic while wearing the headset (similar to the Turtle Beach x12). Please keep...