Astro A40 TR Strange Mic Problem

May 17, 2018
So my cousin has an astro a40 tr + mixamp pro tr that i talked him into getting and now hes to lazy to ask about but, there is a small problem with the mic that i just cant solve... it has worked fine since Christmas 2017 and as far as i know this only started this week. The microphone doesnt seem to pick up any audio in windows 10. or at least that would be my general starting point for troubleshooting however, if he turns "listen to this device" on, he can hear himself... windows sound options detect ZERO incoming sound from his microphone and yet a setting in the same window allows him to listen to it and clearly hear that it is indeed picking up the sound. so my only guess is that windows is somehow incorrect in some way because this makes no sense to me. he has checked that all drivers are up to date, all plugs are in all the correct ports and in tightly, and the mixamp is in pc mode, he uninstalled and reinstalled the mic and headphone drivers. i really just dont know what to do about this