Question how do I fix my microphone so I can hear myself when I listen to my microphone instead of only hearing my system?

Apr 18, 2021
About like a week ago I was playing games with my friends and my microphone is working fine. Now when I came back on my pc, and checked my microphone, listen to it on sound settings to see if its working, I hear nothing but static. Also, when I boost up the levels of my mic all the way and play a video on Youtube while listening to my mic. I hear only my system from the video I'm playing. I tried resetting the drivers but it shows everything should be working fine. I just don't understand why my my mic is only picking up the sounds from my system but not my voice when I listen to it.
Apr 19, 2021
Have you used the Windows Scanner which detects issue with audio devices? Also, it could be a case where your default Microphone is disabled, or not the primary one in use.
-If this doesn't work, check your cables

If not, don't hesitate to respond
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