No Audio From Sound Blaster Z via Optical Out to Astro A50 Mixamp TXD Receiver


Oct 21, 2017
Can someone please advise on how to get 5.1 audio from the optical output of the Sound Blaster Z sound card to the A50 Astro Mixamp TXD receiver/transmitter.

I have followed numerous Youtube vids and forum posts but, alas, I STILL can not get it working. Here is how I have it set up:

In Sound Blaster Control Panal, DDL is enabled in 'Cinematic' tab.
In Windows 10 playback devices, Speakers are set to default (as per instructions).
Optical cable from SBz opt-out to Astro Mixamp opt-in. Checked the cable to see if light is showing.
Latest Sound Blaster drivers are installed.
Disabled all other audio devices including HD controller in BIOS.
Clicking 'test' in SB control panel seems to indicate that sound is being played, not reaching headphones though.

My system is:
Windows 10 64 bit pro
Ryzen 1600x
16gb RAM
GTX 1070 gpu
MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard
Sound Blaster Z sound card plugged in to the spare 16x PCIs slot.

This is doing my head in, can anyone help?


Question from markusmack : "No Audio Through Sound Blaster Z Optical Out to Astro A50 Transmitter"