Question Sound Blaster Z Headphone / Speaker switching

Aug 23, 2020
Recently acquired a Z series Sound Blaster audio card buit am having output switching problems.
I have headphones and speakers connected to the card output jacks, and the audio works well using either. However, during the audio, if a switch is made between headphones and speakers, the sound fails completely and nothing can be heard. Switching back to the original listening device makes no difference - all sound is lost.
I can find nothing within the Pro Studio control; panel menus that helps, but surely such a basic function should be supported in some way.

A member previously had the same problem which apparantly was fixed by a driver roll back in the Sound Blaster Z section of sound device controllers in device manager, but the roll back option is greyed out in my computer and I'm unable to use this option.

Motherboard ASUS Z270F
CPU Intel io7 7700K
Audio Sound Blaster Z SB1500
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You may not have an older driver to roll back to since you probably just installed the latest driver for it to begin with. See if you can download an older driver from SB support site.

This is why I like using an external USB DAC/AMP with aux outputs for speakers instead of an internal card, the switching between sources is easier and more robust. For just a headphone without a mic, a good cheaper solution would be something like an FX-Audio DAC 6, Aux out to speakers, volume not controlled by the headphone volume knob so can keep the levels as you like for both (using the speaker volume knob).
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