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    Solved! What cable can pass IR signals to IR input port on back of A/V receiver?

    This receiver has an "IR IN port" Please correct me if wrong, this port is so you can setup an IR receiver elsewhere, and have it forward infrared remote control signals to the A/V receiver, correct? All...
  2. R

    How Do I Resolve Problems with My Roku IR (infrared) Remote

    The Roku remote issues completely differ based on the type of Roku remote. Foremost you must find your Roku remote type whether it is IR (infrared) remote or enhanced point-anywhere model of remote. It is important to resolve the problem with your Roku remote as it serves as the easiest medium...
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    How To Fix Roku Remote Pairing Issues

    Roku players come with two types of remote: the Standard Infrared remote, and the Enhanced Point Anywhere remote. The latter does not need to be pointed towards the Roku player as it sends its signal through the wireless network. If you’re having trouble with pairing your remote or keeping it...
  4. B

    Control HDMI switcher with universal remote

    I just bought a J-Tech HDMI switch and I want to control it with my Inteset universal remote (#INT-422-3). I looked on their device lookup page and read through the "manual" but no luck. It came with a very basic IR remote, but I'm not sure how to figure out what codes to use. Any help would be...
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    Remote control issue

    Im facing the same problem.. Already check the remote.. The infrared signal is working after checked using camera
  6. L

    Connecting infrared wireless headphones

    How to connect infrared wireless headphones with a red and white connection to a Samsung 55" smart tv that has no bluetooth connection. It only has Optical digital or HDMI outputs for connecting to speakers
  7. M

    Note 4 IR Blaster suddenly died

    hello everyone today in the evening I was using my Note 4 IR blaster to watch TV as usual however I noticed that its latency was more than the normal and even sometimes it didn't work at all and I needed to press the button many times and I didn't suspect anything at all then after a while it...
  8. eob2000

    Add a remote to a CD player

    I have a CD player without a remote. I would like to add one to it. Does a kit like this exist (Red wires come from Play output on external board to the play button solder points on the players board) The remote links to the board (Obviously there would be more buttons, I just did play for...
  9. mikes1992

    Infrared earphones, transmitter not working "overheating diode"

    Hey, today I decided to use my wireless earphones only to find they arent working. I took the board out of the case and put my earphones on and noticed I could only hear a minor pop over the static when I switch it on. The Diode D12 (not sure if that matters) gets extremely hot in a matter of...
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    NASA Excited About Super-Black Material

    NASA announced that it has developed a "super-black" material that can absorb 99.5 percent of the ultraviolet, visible, infrared, and far-infrared light that it is exposed to. NASA Excited About Super-Black Material : Read more
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    Keyboards from Outer Space

    Get your office all keyed up: Adorn your desk with a wacky keyboard with 512 lights, infrared, a corset, a doily, or a "steampunk" design. Keyboards from Outer Space : Read more
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    DSLR and infrared

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is it possible to remove all visible colour wavelengths in software post-processing, leaving you with only the infrared image, rather than use an infrared filter? I figure you could use a narrow enough aperture on the lens to...
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    Best receiver for whole house sound?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Looking at putting in a whole house sound system that has button pads that send stored infrared signals to a central component rack. Which of the FTA receivers, such as PANSAT 2500 or Fortec Star work best for selecting favorite...
  14. P

    Virtual USB - Com port adapter for Remote Control

    Dudes + Dudesses: I've got a USB Infrared adapter that i want to use to communicate with a remote control :D, but the software i've got looks towards the com ports for data transfer. As the infrared device is USB, obviously this causes problems. Rather than buy a converter cable- usb to rs323...