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  1. Jph5674

    Solved! My HP omen laptop wont use dedicated graphics for internal display

    I have the HP Omen ce018dx. It will only use the integrated intel gpu and not the nvidia 1050. The nvidia gpu will only work on external displays. I've tried disabling the Intel graphics and restarted PC. Thinking this would force it to use nvidia but it didn't. Instead some generic...
  2. T

    Laptop completely ignoring GPU

    I have an HP Pavilion 15 L3S53EA with 8GB of RAM, AMD APU A8-6410 2GHz CPU and AMD R7 M260 2GB GPU and also R5 Graphics 1GB integrated GPU. My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64bit But, in games and stuff, my laptop only uses the R5 one, and completely ignores the R7 M260. GPU-Z sensors while in...
  3. C

    Minecraft Low FPS GT 940M.

    I own a ASUS X555LB Laptop. i5 5500 2core-4thread 2.4ghz / 8 GB LP RAM / GT 940M I have been trying everything to get some decent FPS on Minecraft and have failed every time. Nvidia drivers are up to date and Im using Win 10 Pro. I have a 1080p monitor hooked up to the notebook. On which I...
  4. J

    Need help permanently disabling discrete ( defective) laptop gpu

    Hello, so yeah I have a hp pavilion g6 2005ax laptop its got: ( note the laptop is dual GPU enabled it sucks though) A8 4500m - processor 7640g- Integrated Graphics 7670m- Discrete Graphics Now, the problem is that my 7670m is fried( so I think if you guys could tell me for sure ) my little...