Need help permanently disabling discrete ( defective) laptop gpu


Jan 4, 2015
Hello, so yeah I have a hp pavilion g6 2005ax laptop its got: ( note the laptop is dual GPU enabled it sucks though)
A8 4500m - processor
7640g- Integrated Graphics
7670m- Discrete Graphics

Now, the problem is that my 7670m is fried( so I think if you guys could tell me for sure ) my little sister spilled water onto my laptop and a little got in after that it wouldn't go past the boot splash screen I mean after the windows logo went away, a weird buzzing noise started coming from the laptop ( not from the fan from inside the laptop ). So I sent the laptop to a local repair store and they fixed it in a day, they said they like blew into it and re-solder the GPU with laser or something, laptop worked fine but after four days I was playing a game and the video drivers crashed, I restarted and again launched a game the game ran fine at first but then artifacts appeared and again video drivers crashed so I turned off the laptop. The next morning I booted it worked fine opened GPU-z and Furmark stress tested the GPU again artifacts but when I closed Furmark the GPU was still running like crazy as shown on GPU-z under 100% load I restarted the laptop and bham! BSOD after splash screen again and again so I gave it back to the repair man and he said its a problem with the harddrive the guy even wiped my previous harddrive :/ (idiot didn't even ask) so I went with it I had a spare harddrive replaced my previous one with that and laptop booted and graphics driver installed fine, I then ran a game at the repair shop on my laptop just to be sure worked fine checked with GPU-Z GPU was only under load in game not when out , so I happily got back the same night just out of curiosity I stress tested my GPU using Furmark and BHAM! same problem again GPU went nuts under 100% load and I restarted just to get the same BSOD right now I have re- installed windows on my laptop and and have disabled display driver update so at least I can use it is using windows basic display driver ( I did try a few things to fix my GPU or so I thought I tried the heat re- flow thing using a hairdryer and ended up with a small hole in the back of my laptop stupid me :p) .
Now what do you guys think?
And what I want to do is just disable the 7670m permanently like windows should not detect it and only use the integrated 7640g but I don't know how to do it help? I just want to this laptop to run an year or two more cause I do plan to upgrade but I want a very good upgrade so I am saving right now. I have also read that ubuntu allows powering of one gpu if its possible guide me through I am happy switching to ubuntu if this gets fixed.


Sep 16, 2010

Warning to others about spills of liquid on laptop
Switch off immediately
Remove power & battery
Until completely dry

Often removing keyboard and washing in warm water is required especially if liquid is not water

Hair drier is unlikely to re flow solder but at warm setting will help with drying

Dried rice or silica gel helps attract moisture out of laptop etc

May take a week or more to dry if you had to wash off tea, coffee or soft drink

Sometimes graphics chip is on mini / micro PCI_e card which can be removed
if not
Look in bios for option to disable graphics card

Unless you are familiar with Linux you would not want to swap for windows

You really have to be sure the Linux drivers exist for sound, wireless. , network chip, etc and either use wine or open office instead of Ms office

If fairly new get a quote for new or reconditioned motherboard and compare with cost of a new laptop

Mike Barnes


Jan 4, 2015

I did try the bios thing but turned out my bios are locked so i have no way of picking primary display adapter I just I-GPU as it fulfills my needs plus right the gpu runs kinda hot without the AMD drivers as I can't install them l around 50-55 C while otherwise it runs at 30-40 C can't I do something in the registry or some kinda command?

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