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  1. M

    Solved! Iphone 5 help!

    Now I can't get updates for iPhone 5 is there an antivirus that would keep my phone going a bit longer
  2. M

    free unlock free unlock code for an iPhone 5

    Sprint iPhone Sprint iPhone 5 unlock code
  3. O

    Drop calls, and a iPhone 7i have a iPhone 5

    I have a iPhone 5 calls keep dropping I would like to switch over to Verizon and upgrade to a iPhone 7 I love you I like to upgrade to a iPhone 7 keep the same number
  4. S

    straight talk sim card unlock

    I have an iphone5 i want to use with verizon. was used w straight talk for less than 365 days. How can I get bootleg sim unlock code
  5. F

    Iphone5 game all not working

    Hope you can help, have an I phone 5 game app the is not working. It is stating that Data synchronization error. Tried to shut down to clear ram but did not work. Now hope to find a way to load fresh gam on mobile and the reload save game data to repair game. Has any one did this and then how...
  6. X

    Iphone 5 unresponsive (touch)screen

    So i went swimming yesterday and when i was half in the swimming pool when i noticed my phone was in my pocket. A minute later i put it in the oven at 50°C, when i came home i opened the phone and put in the oven again for 1 hour. then i went to sleep and charged it the whole night. This morning...
  7. B

    Need phone unlocked to use my government some card

    I'm needing my iPhone 5. S unlocked so I can use my government Sims card in it ..p
  8. J

    No service iPhone 5

    I replaced my broken screen. Now I don't get service to make calls. I can txt, get online, and receive voicemail without wifi. I have tried a hard restart and removing the SIM. Any advice would be great!
  9. M

    iPhone 5- AT&T to Verizon?

    My brother gave my mother his old iPhone 5 model md638ll/a that he had with AT&T. I wanted to add that phone to my Verizon account. I called Verizon and they said I can't do it because it's not for use with Verizon service. Is there any way around this?
  10. N

    Unlock code spring

    Unlock code spring iPhone 5
  11. F

    IPhone 5. unlock

    I bought a iPhone 5 over the internet I got an iPhone 5 over the Internet trying to find out it's Gotta iCloud lock on it and it needs to be activated how do I go about this
  12. M

    View videos on my hp that i just exported from my Iphone 5

    I can not view the videos I transferred from my iphone5 to my hp
  13. S

    Help look up my old phone number using my i imei

    I still have my old SIM card in my old iPhone 5 i need my old number for other reasons butnit dosent show anymore. Can my imei tell me
  14. Deniedstingray

    Solved! How to jailbreak an iphone 5?

    So i have heard of jailbreaking apple products for years but i never gave it a try. I want to give it a try now but it seems to have devolved into a scam with a bunch of videos saying "Jailbreak no computer required!" Then it leads you to a page on your phone where you have to download an app...
  15. J

    Solved! YouTube videos won't play, says "tap to retry"

    Hey, My YouTube app on my iPhone 5 works perfectly. All the people I'm subscribed to show up and I can search as normal, the only problem is that I can't play the videos! When I click on a video no matter what it is it'll come up with "something went wrong, tap to retry" and no matter how many...
  16. J

    Will my Verizon iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy 6 work on Verizon straight talk

    I currently have a plan with Verizon and its alittle pricey for our family so I'm thinking of switching to Verizon straight talk and I'm trying to find out if my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 and my Samsung Galaxy 6 are switchable to that
  17. P

    Solved! Way to receive Business Calls/Texts only from 8am-5pm Mon-Fri?

    Hi, I run a small business and receive calls and texts from customers at all hours. I'm not able to do anything with their calls and texts until I'm in the office during normal business hours. Is there a way I can get a different phone number for personal use (friends and family) that would...
  18. J

    My iPhone sim tray is damaged, where do I get one

    Where can I find an iPhone 5 sim tray?
  19. M

    Verizon phone under contract

    I have an iPhone 5 that is still under contract with Verizon, can I put a Sim card in it and mask it as a new phone and activated on Verizon's prepaid?
  20. C

    I need an app or way to log several users activity

    Hello, I need to be able to have a log of the various uses of several users have of their iPhone 5. Basically I preferably need a way to automatically log what apps my users use, and at what times. I would like this to be automatically exported to a spreadsheet which I can then use to see what...
  21. A

    Need help please

    Why does I can't watch YouTube Videos and Google Videos also in my iphone5 what should I do? Help me please :(
  22. S

    How long can you record for

    How long can I record a conversation for on my iphone 5
  23. N

    Alternatives to Apple Headphones?

    I have been looking around on the site and haven't been able to find what I was looking for. I would like to know what earbuds are as good or better than the headphones that come with iPhones. I don't want any in ear head phones which is all I ever find. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this...
  24. P

    I picked up a iPad it's been on charger for two days, I know the cord and wall charger work, because it works on my iPhone 5,

    I picked up a iPad, that won't turn on, it has been on charger two days, I know the charger works, I use it to charge iPhone, I've done the power home nothing, done the power home volume down , still black screen, if I remove and replace old batteries and them back , po
  25. M

    I was given a iPhone 5 from Verizon. I want to transfer my existing straight talk service. Can someone please help me?

    I need help please. I was given a iPhone 5 it has Verizon wireless. I want to transfer my existing straight talk service. Comments please.
  26. A

    I need slowmotion iphone 5

    I have iphone 5 i need an app for slowmotion , i have slopro but it only gives me 60fps but is there an app that can lower the resolution and higher the frame rate? I mean i get 60 at 720p but what if i record at 360p and get more fps?? Please answer this question
  27. B

    iPhone 5 won't start, just shows battery with bars when charging

    My iPhone 5 refused to start, so I charged it overnight and it was still showing the battery with a few red bars this morning. Resigned to the fact that I would lose unsaved data anyway, I tried to restore it through itunes. It downloaded a software update, even got to the apple logo and the bar...
  28. B

    iPhone 5s lower half of screen not working

    Hello, I had my phone cracked a few months ago. Everything worked fine, camera, screen, everything. I decided to get it fixed so I went down to my local tech store where they fixed it for a fee less than Apple would. After they fixed it, everything worked fine... Then a few days later, the...
  29. J

    How to download text messages from iPhone 5?

    Does anyone know how I can download my text messages from my iPhone 5? Thanks for any suggestions!
  30. B

    Help me buy an iPhone 5 housing

    Can anyone help me buy an iPhone 5 housing. Original,OEM,like the original, aluminium,strong etc. I have been looking for two days and It's so hard to tell which one is the best. I narrowed it down to two picks...
  31. A

    What does R-sim mean?

    My Japanese friend gave me an iPhone 5 which he bought from Japan, he said that it is Japan locked Openline via R-sim. And can somebody please explain what he said. Thank you. P.s. I'm not used to hearing these words so bear with me.
  32. G

    Which one is affordable and effective between iphone 5 and iphone 5s

    Looking for a big difference in these gadgets. Can u solve mine? I want to buy any of these
  33. S

    how can i make a call from iphone5

    verizon service on my iphone 5 4G sim card LTE, i just new customer 3days ago just wanna know is someone can help me ,i have no text,cant make a call, no service provider , tell me what is up? this have 3day ago that i work on it,whatsoever hopping some can help solving this issue ASAP,
  34. R

    i want to convert my iphone5 gsm to cdma

    i want to convert my iphone 5 gsm to cdma . is it possible ? if so please let me know the procedure.
  35. N

    My iPhone 5 has just all of a sudden stopped playing videos on YouTube and I can't watch any movies/videos on through google c

    I have tried you sing YouTube through the apps and Google and it just isn't working:( need help asap!
  36. S

    Contacted sprint to unlock phone, is it really unlocked?

    I am going abroad soon and need my phone sim unlocked. I called sprint and they put me on an unlock list and told me all I need to do was backup and restore my phone. Is that really it? Will i be able to use a sim card from another country?
  37. P

    I am Unable to Play Youtube Videos on my iPhone 5

    Hi, I have been a user of Youtube for a long time. Especially after I bought my IPhone I here lot of songs and sermons on Youtube Mobile App on my iPhone 5. Now for the last 2-3 weeks, my iPhone is not playing Youtube videos at all. I have a Wi-Fi connection at home which is good, up an...
  38. D

    Sprint Unlock Process

    So I have an iPhone 5 Sprint locked, I consulted with customer service and they gave me an unlock code to give to my new service provider. Can anyone assist with what process or procedure I need to undertake. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  39. J

    Unlock iphone 5 sprint

    can anyone help me to unlock my iphone 5 sprint? I buy a second hand iphone, and i'm not a customer of sprint. So i can not unlock it. Sory for my bad english
  40. T

    This is my home network that someone has been using without my knowledge how do I get them out of this

    I have a iPhone 5 in my house and an air pad that is Also here and a friend of mine has a lg smartphone that is going on to ur network and I don't know how to get his phone off my network and modem help me
  41. M

    i also lost my iphone5 for police report i don't have my IMEI number!

    how can i get my lost iphone5 IMEI number ?
  42. S

    My youtube subscribers

    Hi, I have youtube channel and i play gta online, and i recording gta online, so people watching me, i have 1000 subcribers now, and i have on videos 500-1500 views(30 videos upoaded) - Total Views of 30 videos is 50 000 views. i have one question, i create video contest,on youtube who...
  43. A

    Sprint iPhone 5

    I've tried the unlock website they said they cannot unlock the sprint phone. I have an unlock code but have no idea how to use the code being that the original sims card is no longer in it. So what and how now???
  44. J


    Hello. I have a verizon iphone 5 that I am using with straight talk. Right now I only get 3G speeds. I have recently read that straight talk now allows 4g lte on Verizon's networks. What do I need to do to get 4g on my straight talk verizon iphone 5? Thanks.
  45. W

    My Walmart iPhone 5 Straight Talk Ran Over Verizon

    Local Verizon rep told me Verizon puts Straight Talk users at the "end of the line" when tower demand is piling up. Finding similar results with Metro PCS. So, now, what's this totalwireless? Makes me tired.
  46. G

    Sprint Unlock iPhone 5

    I have the code from Spring finally but how can I unlock it know I took to Att and they say no look up over the net find not answer yet Please help Please don't post personal info online - SS
  47. L

    Can you put a Verizon iPhone 5 onto your number

    If I have extra Verizon iPhone 5 s can I enter my info number an use it? I cracked my new one. Right after I got married an got onto hubby account f$&@ is there a way other than 499.!
  48. D

    IPhone Phone ISsue PLease Help

    I was so excited to see that the price for the Straight Talk Iphone 5c dropped, so I ordered one online. My delma: Some people say that this phone will work in my area, but others say no. I need to have either Verizon or AT&T. PLEASE HELP>
  49. G

    I have a iphone 5 that my friend gave me he said he's uncle found it in a casino so when i put the iphone 5 on charge it jus

    Iphone wont turn on it vibrates when charging
  50. S

    how cn i find the imei number of my lost stolen iphone..please help

    how can i find the imei number of my lost or stolen iphone 5 please help
  51. A

    Forgot my password

    I have an iPhone 5 and I have put a password on my phone, I forgot the password and I don't know how to reset it. I need your help! I hope it works so I can go onto my phone and text,call,email and use the normal things and activate properly. Hope you can help me.
  52. C

    I am into att for outrageous fees, i have 3 phones. is there anyway to switch them to prepaid?

    I absolutely hate Att I have 2 Androids & 1 Iphone 5...is there anyway to switch them to a new prepaid plan and number
  53. G

    i need myiphone5c puk numbdr

    My iphone 5c asking for my puk number and sim is lock i need to unlock sim my iphone 5
  54. M

    will a iPhone 5 work on Verizon towers after being switched to straight talk

    So I want to buy a unlocked iPhone 5 and put it on straight talk. Heres the thing is an att phone and don't know if it will work on Veliven towers after switching to straight talk as they are the only tower wherei live
  55. A

    How to Get Your Defective iPhone 5 Battery Replaced

    Have you noticed the battery on your iPhone 5 struggling to retain a charge as of late? It turns out that a small number of iPhone 5 model phones (original iPhone 5 models, not the iPhone 5S) have defective batteries that may “suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more...
  56. K

    How to Unlock an iPhone 5 on Sprint

    I have iPhone 5 and received the unlocking code from Sprint. Will the procedure for unlocking iPhone 5s work for 5 too? If not, can anybody help on that please.
  57. G

    Is there a number I can call to change my straight talk iPhone 5 towers?

    In tired of having little to no service because I don't know how to change my phones towers. Help me?
  58. Shadeslayer110

    GBA4IOS Help Questions

    Hi, I have an iPhone 5 with the latest IOS 8 update installed. However, I heard of the GBA4IOS emulator that I would like to try out. However, if I try to install the latest version, it won't work. Also, the old one installs, but keeps crashing no matter what I do. My friend has an iPhone 6 and...
  59. S

    Two iphones under same contract . Need help URGENT!!

    Hey guys My father has iphone 5 with at&t contract My brother also wants a iphone under my fathers name So it will be two phones under my fathers contract and my father can pay for both of the phones Is this possible Or my brother has to take another contract Thnx for ur help guys,i really...