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  1. G

    Forget Flying Cars: I Just Flew a $2 Million Personal Jet

    The Cirrus Vision Jet is a luxurious aircraft that’s remarkably easy to fly and stuffed with awesome tech amenities. Forget Flying Cars: I Just Flew a $2 Million Personal Jet : Read more
  2. S

    Hospitality Tv was purchased through Definitely not torn out of a hotel room. Who knew this's kind of scam could be

    Having the same problem as 3nearfall". No useable info at Samsung site. Should have dumped it back in the box except it is the size I need. As a regular LED TV it would be acceptable. However the frustration occurs when the menus needed to set up as a home TV are greyed-out and not...
  3. I

    HP Pavilion g6 fan noise is LOUD like a jet engine

    Well, maybe not a jet engine, but it is loud. Loud enough that the laptop, which is generally in a bedroom of a detached house, can be heard even on the main level. It has been like this since I bought it, and the retailer I bought it from said 'oh, it's normal'. No it's not. The sound...
  4. CherlynnLow

    What Is Here's How It's Supposed to Work is about to make online shopping cheaper than ever before. Here's how it works. What Is Here's How It's Supposed to Work : Read more
  5. theunliked

    Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider not registered?

    I have a problem where a program crashes on my 64-bit machine. The error messages says the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider is not registered. After searching on Google, I found that jet.oledb is not supported on 64-bit machines anymore. Is there any way to fix this? I have tried the method of...
  6. M

    Having trouble connecting HP Touchsmart laptop to HP Office jet pro 8625 printer

    have gone on HP site and downloaded driver/software, think it's something to do with the HP laptop configuration since all other laptops and iMac desktop automatically connected to the printer wirelessly
  7. I

    Best sound isolating headphones up to 300$?

    Ok, I need some headphones with VERY good sound isolation, almost as good to block out a jet taking off right next to you (exaggeration), of course awesome sound quality and a decent built-in microphone which is optional. any suggestions?
  8. D

    Vertical Lines on Screen

    Hello, Last Sunday my computer screen, that I output from my laptop, went jet black. When I touched the laptop, it was extremely hot. When I turned the screen this was what I saw: From this point, trying the graphics card will cause a blue screen and a...