Hospitality Tv was purchased through Definitely not torn out of a hotel room. Who knew this's kind of scam could be


Sep 10, 2016
Having the same problem as 3nearfall". No useable info at Samsung site. Should have dumped it back in the box except it is the size I need. As a regular LED TV it would be acceptable. However the frustration occurs when the menus needed to set up as a home TV are greyed-out and not accessible. Just wanted to let you know that some of these "Hospitality" TVs are being sold by "reputable" internet distributors for home use to naive purchasers.
The service manual for the TV may let you unlock the menus. Google the make model + "service manual". There is usually a combination of button pushes on the remote or TV that let's you get to the service menu.

Math Geek

often at first run, the tv gives the option to set up as a normal unti or as a demo one of hospitality one or whatever. should only need to reset the tv and then select regular tv mode. should be in the manual how to do it. my dad got a tv not too long ago and set it to store demo mode and only had to read the manual to see how to reset it back so he could start over.

google the manual and you'll probably find how to do it to your tv as well.