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  1. Viperonic

    Solved! Gaming Laptop or GOD Desktop?

    Ok so i am in a large debate on getting a portable gaming laptop or getting a God Like Desktop. For the laptop i would want it because it is portable and i would take it between my mom's and Dad's houses and i would take it to school for video editing in my Broadcast Class instead of waiting...
  2. U

    Gaming Laptop Vs Gaming Desktop + Cheap Laptop

    Hey guys, I've got a budget of around £1000 and am in need of a new laptop. I currently have a Sony VGN-AR61S which is getting very long in the tooth. I also have a desktop which is really showing its age (Intel Pentium G620 2.6ghz CPU, AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series GPU, 2gb RAM). I want to run the...
  3. A

    Considering buying MSI GT72 (vs custom built desktop)

    Hello, I'm considering gifting myself MSI GT72 /w skylake, 32gb ram and 980m GPU. (like this It costs ~$2.3k. And I'm wondering is it worth it compared to similarly priced custom...
  4. J

    Build pc or laptop

    Im high schooler and I do need a computer but I play alot of intense games like BF4, COD Ghost, Black OPS2, and play Titanfall. I want a beast PC but i got in to Gaming Laptops like ASUS G750 with gtx 770m in 1400$ and Lenovo Y510p in gtx 755m sli in 1100$ and my max spend is about 1100$. Sould...
  5. H

    Need a computer to fit my needs

    I would like to find a computer that would work for video editing. I would be using Sony Vegas Visual Effects Suite the minimum system requirements are... - 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 (my preference is 7) - 2 GHz processor. Multicore or multiprocessor recommended for HD. (I have no idea...