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    Question about LED TV's going from SD channel to an HD channel

    Hello, I have a Vizio LED TV (2016 D-Series model) as well as cable TV (Cogeco in Ontario Canada). I noticed that when I go from an SD channel to an HD channel or visa versa, my TV goes blank for a second. I was just wondering if that "SD/HD switching" is harmful for the TV in any way? Thank...
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    Which TV is recommended to lower eyestrain?

    In the past I had a 32" LG TV with CCFL backlight (IPS panel), and now I have a 42" Sony LED TV with VA panel. I feel that my eyes are more tired since I got my new Sony TV, and I am almost sure that with my previous LG TV I could stare the TV for a longer time, without being tired. I am not...
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    Can my TV be fixed? TV shows no picture, but plays all sound! TV screen is pitch black. Shows red light on bottom right.

    I have a Samsung UN39FH5000 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2013 Model) that has a problem where my tv screen is pitch black showing no picture (no light showing from inside TV when I peek from atop when plugged in and on) but the TV has sound! It plays it's turn off/on sound and shows the red light...
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    Connection of PC through the LED TV to audio amplifier

    Hi guys, I have HP laptop and I would like to connect it with Samsung LED TV via HDMI cable. Then Samsung TV I would like to connect to Marantz amplifier PM7000 to transfer sound on higher quality equipment. Can anyone explain me how can I do it? If anyone has done something like this...
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    My LED TV has sound, but no picture.

    Hi, I have an RCA 32" LED 1080p TV that is less than 2 years old, and it has already lost the video. I can hear sound, and I can see lights in the back of the unit, but the screen looks like it's faded to black. I came across a test while searching the internet for a possible fix, that spoke of...
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    Please suggest me a LED TV from this list

    I have shortlisted 4 LED TVs that fall in my budget range . But unable to decide which is the best of all . Please suggest me the best value for money. 1) Samsung UA40F5000ARMXL http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/tv-audio-video/television/led-tv/UA40F5000ARMXL 2) Sony R452A BRAVIA TV...