Question LG led TV has blue corners

Jun 24, 2023
I was given a LG 49uh610v led TV. It seems to work fine other than there are two patches in the upper and lower right corners that cause blue discoloration. I've read it may be caused by a number of issues, but I'm hoping someone can pinpoint it for me and advise if this is a fix I can attempt myself

Fox Tread3

Jun 19, 2023
Hi, this may be an obvious question but have you done a Google search with that question. There may be YouTube videos with an explanation of the problem and hopefully what can be done to repair the TV. I had a Samsung Plasma 50" TV that started getting "Sharpie Marker pen" thin lines across the screen. I found at least one video that showed what parts were needed to repair the TV, and how to do it. I took the opportunity to just buy an LG 55" OLED TV, and stored the Samsung TV away "for just in case scenarios".😊 Good luck, and since the TV was a gift. You might want to just live with the problem until the TV dies, or like me, you just buy a new TV.👍😉
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