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    Why won't my smart tv format a new usb

    I am using a 16gb AMICROE MASS STORAGE USB.Previously used 16gb Lexar with no problem.Thank you.
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    I formatted my lexar memory card more than 5 times can I recover my videos and photos

    I have already formatted my memory card cf and use it more than 5 times now and I want to recover the first data .so can I get my videos and photos?
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    My Lexar SD card is saying that it is not inserted

    I have a Motorola phone. I had bought a 32 gigabyte Lexar SD card. Just recently there was a message that popped up on my screen saying that my SD card was not inserted. Also all of my apps that were on the SD card had turned gray. So I just took out the SD card then reinserted it, then it...
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    Recovering deleted photos using recovery software

    I used Lexar Image Rescue 4 to recover files from a Lexar flash drive. I could see all the photos it found on the flash drive, but when I put them all on a hard drive, I couldn't open any of them with windows photo viewer or media player. I tried infranview, and that didn't work. Most of them...
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    Old lexar drive and win 7?

    I recently found a lexar card reader used by my dad (Model GS-UFD-20SA-TP) i'm guessing there are some pictures on it but windows cant auto find a driver and the drivers from lexars site don't seem to be compatible with this old model. I've tried running the one i think is used (win 98/200) in...