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    Question ASUS Notebook — uninstalled ATK package now computer isn’t working

    Help! I have an ASUS NotebookUX305F. My Smart Gesture wasn’t working, so I uninstalled it and read that it was recommended to uninstall/reinstall the ATK Package first also. I uninstalled the ATK package and was prompted to restart my laptop, which i did. When it started up again all I get is...
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    s9 screen lock

    I upgraded from the s7. I had fingerprint scanning on it for various apps, but did not have set to unlock my phone. Now, if I want to use fingerprint or iris scanning, I have to use it to unlock my phone. I don't want my phone to be locked, but I want to use these features. On the s7, I had...
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    My laptop get unresponsive

    My laptop Sony viao is unresponsive on lock screen I can't swipe up to input my password and my mouse don't appear keyboard al