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    How do you combine 12 months of data into one spreadsheet

    How do you combine 12 months of spreadsheet data into one report for the year in lotus 123 release 9?
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    Lotus Smartsuite software

    Please can anyone advise me of how to get Lotus Smartsuite downloaded from the disc I purchased, because from the disc it is trying to download the software to D drive, the same drive where the disc is located, so it is saying obviously there is not enough space, and although it says it will...
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    How to run Lotus Notes (R5) under Win 7 / is it possible?

    I was a power user of Lotus Notes R5 -- back when the client designer was included -- and still have many databases that I would like to get back into and even start using on a regular basis again. They were all running under Win XP. Since those good old days I basically switched to Linux...
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    Lotus 123 now needs User Account Control permission to run

    System is Windows10 and it was OK before re-installing.
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    Lotus 123 printing issue

    hello, my lotus printing issue is that even though I have an entire range of columns (i.e. A1...E115)highlighted to print, it prints all columns thru D115, but only prints column E from about row 75 thru 115. And the Headings for Column E don't show up until the page when Column E actually...
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    lotus notes error message after upgrading

    I upgrage my Lotus Notes from 7 to 8.5 and I received an error message: "Unable to open Name and Address book (names.nsf) due to error 'File does not exist'. Locations cannot be used until the problem is corrected." I was glad, when I upgraded my software, but immediately such thing...
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    How to recover Lotus Notes client?

    There was lotus notes 7.0 on my PC. I install it to enjoy Designer from Lotus 6.5.3. I’ve decided not to install old version. But suddenly my Lotus 7.0 has been removed(uninstalled) . Then I’ve made system recovery before this changes. But client is still doesn’t want to work and says Cannot...
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    Lotus Notes 9 Staying on Top

    I have recently had Lotus Notes 9 installed on my machine and the primary application window is staying on top no matter what I open from within the app or outside. I have to minimize the main application to see anything else. Any idea how to NOT make this stay on top? Brian
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    Malibal Lotus / Clevo W860CU shuts down a few times before boot.

    I have a 2010 Malibal Lotus/Clevo W860CU with an i7 820QM CPU, 8gb 1333mhz RAM and AMD Radeon 5870 1GB GPU. Everytime I turn it on, it goes past POST but when it reaches the Win7 loading screen it shuts down for no reason. This happens twice or thrice before it finally goes through. Once inside...
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    Lotus notes hardware compability with mobile phones

    Hello,i need to access louts notes from a mobile phone or a ipad is this possible
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    Save Lotus Notes Address Book

    Hello, I would like to save/export my Lotus Notes based address book into any MS type file. I cannot install any third party software to accomplish this.
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    Send to mail recipient is going to address field

    HI, I am using lotus notes 8.5 and when I try to send a file as an attachment it gives me lil problem. No matter what type of file I try to send it happens. I right click on file and select send to and then select mail receipient. It attaches those files to mail and a lotus notes new mail...
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    Hi, I tried to convert old lotus 123 (*.wk4) files in Excel 2007, but it's like imposible. So I want a lotus 1-2-3 viewer but I can't find one, someone can help me ? Regards Jonathan
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    Lotus Notes Coming To iPhone

    New York (NY) - Corporate email junkies will soon be able to get their Lotus Notes emails on an iPhone. Lotus Notes Coming To iPhone : Read more