Malibal Lotus / Clevo W860CU shuts down a few times before boot.


Dec 5, 2011
I have a 2010 Malibal Lotus/Clevo W860CU with an i7 820QM CPU, 8gb 1333mhz RAM and AMD Radeon 5870 1GB GPU.

Everytime I turn it on, it goes past POST but when it reaches the Win7 loading screen it shuts down for no reason. This happens twice or thrice before it finally goes through. Once inside Windows, everything works perfectly fine. Temperatures are fine and there are no critical errors in the event viewer.

When I boot for the first time, however, and go directly to the BIOS setup, I can stay there forever and not experience the intermittent shutting down. Only when I get to the Win7 loading screen does it shut down.

All of the fans are working, there are no random sounds or clicking noises coming from the laptop.

Any idea what could be happening?

Hi :)

As in the BIOS its fine, then its Windows...

Save data , format and reload...

All the best Brett :)


May 30, 2015
The problem is related to week stepdown regulators on the voltage supply to the CPU/GPU. A solution which for me worked was to use throttlestop which allowes you to use the i5/i7 clocked down to <1GHz, draining less power from the regulator. Same to the GPU, here I use MSI Afterburner to clock down the GPU.
It appears, once the Mainoard got warmed up one can tweak CPU and GPU to higher clock rates, but its risky since it might shut down suddently.