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  1. T

    Solved! how to download uc browser from store

    How to download uc browser from store Nokia Lumia 520
  2. D

    Solved! Lumia 950 gaming performance

    Hi! So my story is the following. I play a game for years now, which needs 1 GB memory. I used a Lumia 640, it worked great, obviously didnt have the smoothest fps. So 2 months ago i changed my phone to Lumia 950, which is a huge upgrade, bought it used, but bought a brand new battery for it...
  3. P

    I'm having an issue with the SD card that was mounted in my nokia lumia 535.

    I watched movie last night and after sometime I got the notice of unmounted SD card I was totally shocked because my card was mounted in My mobile but it was not showing anything .it was not shown in another mobiles as well as pc.Despite from this my Card is not broken. I shall very thankful to...
  4. L

    unblocking nokia lumia 650

    Hello please help me at unlock my Nokia Lumia 650 whose IMEI is: 355126078304973. the phone comes from Switzerland. thank you in advance.
  5. J

    how do i transfer photos from a microsoft lumia phone to a galaxy j3

    still have phone but dont know how to transfer photos from microsoft phone to galaxy j3
  6. drjackool

    ROM Flashing Lumia 930

    Hi I have a Lumia 930 phone (+mic #3 & #4 problem). I want to upgrade it's firmware, FROM: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR APAC HK CV BLACK Product Code: 059W0J7 Last Firmware: 02540.00019.15053.26005 TO: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR EURO GB CV BLACK Product Code: 059W004 Last Firmware...
  7. L

    I can't move app to sd card

    I can't move app to sd card it show error code of 0x80073d0b mine is Microsoft lumia 640 it can't open any app pls do need full I am missing so many information
  8. T

    Solved! Snapchat for WindowsPhone 8.1?

    Hey guys, So i've recently bought a Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, which runs on Windows 8.1 Mobile. The problem is i cant get snapchat on it so i need to carry my iphone around aswell which is kind of anoying. Does anyone know how to get like some third party version of snapchat on windowsphone? I've...
  9. S

    Nokia lumia 930 cant access,

    Hello, I believe i messed with settings and now i cant these pages:, only in inprivate mode, what should i do to access these pages? I get error with "cant find such page". Thank you for help.
  10. 1

    Can I install Google Play Store on my Nokia Lumia 635 Windows phone?

    Can I install Google Play Store on my Nokia Lumia 635 Windows phone?
  11. Q

    Weird problem with headphones.

    Hi, I have a problem with my Sony EX650AP headphones. They worked normally with my Nokia Lumia 735 but now when I plug them in to my phone they don't work, it's like if the mini jack plug was broken, but if I plug headphones into my PC or Sony Xperia M2 they work great. So it looks like my phone...
  12. G

    Streaming Audio from Mic to Speaker

    I want to stream sound from my Lumia 950 XL MIC, direct to a speaker. The plan is to plug a Lavalier Mic into the phone and connect my phone to a bluetooth speaker. Then I can use it as a PA kind of system. Any ideas if/how I can make this happen?
  13. Rafael Mestdag

    Any suggestions for a Lumia 520?

    I've got an MS Nokia Lumia 520 and I'd just like to know if you have any suggestions for a good simple game from the store. Something good enough to pass the time while standing in line or sitting somewhere waiting for my turn. I like racing games in particular but the Lumia 520 isn't all that...
  14. rutherfordsc

    Microsoft Lumia 650: 'Budget' Isn't Always a Bad Word

    They may not be super popular, but Windows phones are far from dead, and the new Lumia 650 is a solid budget addition to Microsoft's lineup. Microsoft Lumia 650: 'Budget' Isn't Always a Bad Word : Read more
  15. G

    Any app for call recording in Microsoft Lumia?

    Hello, There are many working apps for call recording on android smart phones, but cannot find such an app on Lumia, So is there any call recording app or any procedure to do this on Microsoft smart phones?
  16. M

    Windows Phone turns on by itself after damage.

    I accidentally dropped my Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual-Sim into the toilet. I cleaned it and air dried it. Now when I put the battery back in it it turns on by itself and keeps rebooting. It never gets past the Microsoft screen. I've tried hard resetting it but it just reboots. Can anyone please...
  17. CherlynnLow

    Do Windows 10 Phones Stand a Chance?

    While the new Lumia phones offer innovative, PC-like features via Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft may continue to struggle in the smartphone market. Do Windows 10 Phones Stand a Chance? : Read more
  18. K

    Missing power button on Nokia Lumia 710.

    My friend gave me his old phone now that he has a new one, but the power switch is broken on it. I opened the phone to see if it was something simple. It was not. The entire switch that connects to the motherboard has broken off. I thought about soldering it back on, but unfortunately the skills...
  19. B

    Nokia Lumia 525 or Galaxy S duos 2?

    I really like the lumia, but will I regret if I buy the lumia over an android phone? And this is my first smartphone
  20. B

    Picking a Smartphone!

    Okay so! I'm picking my first smartphone and i THINK i narrowed it down to 3: Nokia Lumia 520 Nokia Lumia 620 Sony Xperia J I will use it for: Strava (On Nokia i can get other apps) Social Networking Texting Calling Some Games (Angry bird Tiny towers cut the rope etc..) Music + Podcasts...
  21. JMcEntegart

    Nokia Boasts Photo Quality Superiority Over iPhone in New Ad

    Anything you can do... Nokia Boasts Photo Quality Superiority Over iPhone in New Ad : Read more