Mar 23, 2012
Okay so!
I'm picking my first smartphone and i THINK i narrowed it down to 3:
Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia Lumia 620
Sony Xperia J

I will use it for:
Strava (On Nokia i can get other apps)
Social Networking
Some Games (Angry bird Tiny towers cut the rope etc..)
Music + Podcasts
Browsing the web

What do you guys think?

Nokia Lumia 520:
I really like how its square!
its a bit cheaper than 620 And Xperia
Bigger screen than 620
Better battery than 620

Nokia Lumia 620:
Has front facing camera
Camera Flash
Anti Glare Glass

Xperia J:
Basicly cause its android so I have more apps

Also if you have any suggestions I'm looking for a cheap smart phone under $240/£150


Also I will be getting Pay as you go.

**EDIT** Im also looking at Motorola Moto G


Oct 25, 2012
I 100% recommend the LG G2. In my opinion, it's way underrated and that might be in part due to LG being the company that manufactured it. Other than the fact that it's plastic (which I can get over since I threw a case on it and the plastic components make the phone considerably lighter) the phone is an amazing piece of hardware. Snapdragon 800 which runs at 2.26 GHZ an adreno 330 gpu which consistently provides high fps on every game I play, a 5.2 inch b-e-a-utiful screen with amazing color accuracy, a 13 mp camera with high accuracy in colors, a 3,000 mah battery which is just absolutely astounding in terms of battery life ( i wake up at 11am and by 1 am the next day I usually have around 50 to 55% battery remaining with lots of app downloading, texting, calling etc.). My verizon model comes standard with Qi wireless charging and best of all, it was free with a 2 year contract with verizon (i don't think that deal still applies but, it's still a pretty cheap phone considering these specs.). I highly encourage you to look into it because this phone has just absolutely blown me away.