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    Best Apple Deals in January 2019

    Don't pay full price for your Apple gear. Here are the best deals on everything from the iPad to the Apple Watch. Best Apple Deals in January 2019 : Read more
  2. G

    Apple's 2018 Mac Mini Is Already $100 Off

    Apple's Core i3- and Core i5-based models are both on sale. Apple's 2018 Mac Mini Is Already $100 Off : Read more
  3. B

    Apple Mac mini (2018) Review: This Little Mac Is Awesome

    The Apple Mac mini (2018 model) is finally back, and it's better than ever, with a new look, rock-solid performance, and even a bit of upgradability. Apple Mac mini (2018) Review: This Little Mac Is Awesome : Read more
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    Apple Updates the Mac mini for 2018

    New hardware and capabilities come with a sleek new look. Apple Updates the Mac mini for 2018 : Read more
  5. T

    mac/pc malware antivirus

    I have a mac with parallels hosting windows 10. Is there a malware &/or anti virus the can cover both?
  6. P

    looking for KVM switch to use with my mac mini 2012 and asus laptop

    ok so i've looking for a good KVM switch to use with my mac mini 2012 and asus laptop. my monitor Samsung SyncMaster T220P - work's well yet :) (dvi port) asus laptop with hdmi mac mini 2012 with hdmi the most kvm switches is with vga only and no dvi port. so maybe you can help me find a good...
  7. H

    Multi Monitor Connectivity Issues

    The screens at my church are having an issue staying connected. We're running a Mac Mini with a Mini Display to DVI for the main display on the monitor in the sound-booth. I've solved that connectivity issue with a new monitor, and cord. The one that we're still having issues with is other...
  8. J

    Risk of buying a 2011 Mac Mini i7 2.0

    One of my coworkers is selling a 2011 Mac Mini i7 2.0 with 16GB RAM, quad core, dual spinning HD: These are selling for $550-$600 or so, he offered to sell it for $500. What are the risks of...
  9. B

    Mac Mini + Powered Monitors + Powered Subwoofer

    Hello All, I have a Mac Mini and my old Altec Lansing speakers have bit the dust. So, I just bought a pair of M-Audio AV40. Simple enough to hook up, sure. BUT, I happen to also have an old JBL s120Pii collecting dust, so I thought why not see if I can put it to good use? I just need to know...
  10. R

    DVI connection Mac mini to Yamaha receiver

    I want to connect my old (2007) Mac mini to the Yamaha receiver in my home cinema set up but the Mac only has a DVI connector coming out of it with an HDMI on the other end which plugs into the front panel of the Yamaha. This V-AUX connection is obviously not as good as proper HDMI so I wondered...
  11. D

    Mac Mini For Android And iOS Development

    I' m planing to upgrade my computer for mobile application development purpose. The platforms I have targeted for now is Android. But in future I ll start iOS development too. So I have decided to buy mac mini with below specification. 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 8GB memory Intel Iris...
  12. R

    Buying Suggestion on buying Used MacBook or Mac Mini?

    Hello, I am looking into buying a used MacBook or Mac mini, but I am not sure which year i should be looking into. All I was planning on using it for was some light use like: word processing, internet, watching videos, and maybe a light game or two. I would not prefer to go over $600, and I...
  13. Mike Andronico

    Mac mini (Late 2014) Review

    The Mac mini (late 2014 edition) is an affordable and attractive OS X machine, though it sacrifices the upgradability of previous models. Mac mini (Late 2014) Review : Read more
  14. C

    Buying advice on Macbook Pro/Mac Mini for Web Design

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a Macbook Pro for web designing work where I will be mainly using Illustrator and Photoshop. ■I have viewed the Macbook Pro and new Mac Mini and was wondering what would be the recommended one. I am currently a Windows user looking to migrate over to OSX but have...
  15. B

    how do i play audio from PC + Mac mini in 1 AUX input on speakers

    I have a PC i use mostly for gaming and a Mac Mini for business/daily use and Harman Kardon Soundsticks (which only have 1 AUX input) I need a way to play sound from both computers through the Soundsticks without going under the desk unplugging the aux cable EVERY SINGLE TIME i switch. It has...
  16. I

    How to connect my PS3 to my Mac Mini for audio

    Hi guys, A newbie so go easy please. I have an existing Mac Mini (latest) and purchased a new PS3 and one Samsung monitor (no speakers). I've already got a 2.1 speaker system that is connected to the Mac Mini. I'd like to somehow connect the PS3 to the Mac Mini so the PS3 audio comes out of...
  17. G

    Samsung BD-D8500 Can't Adjust Volume with Remote

    Hi All, Just have a question about regarding the Samsung BD-D8500 Blu-ray player that I have been setting up for my Dad. We have gone from at setup that included a 26 inch Belina HDCP monitor, a MAC mini (with tuner) and Logitech 2.1 speakers connected to the Mac Mini's headphone socket, to...
  18. G

    Should You Buy a New Mac Mini, iMac or Mac Pro?

    It is a pro system and as such no mainstream graphics card should do the bussiness. For 2d graphics a 7300 is no worse than a 8800, and for 3d a 8800 is no better than a quadro FX. I see your point but try thinking like a pro when you review such a system. Of course that doesn't change your...
  19. M

    Should You Buy a New Mac Mini, iMac or Mac Pro? I use both Windows and Macintosh computers. I'm ready to make an investment in a high-end machine this year, and what I see in the new Macs will be the single most-important factor in deciding what to buy.
  20. uncle_ben

    Can I run X-Fi on Mac?

    I might get a Mac Mini at good price. I wonder if there is a way I could use Sound Blaster X-Fi with it. According to what I know this is by far better source then onboard Realtec audio. Thanks!