How to connect my PS3 to my Mac Mini for audio


Oct 1, 2012
Hi guys,

A newbie so go easy please.

I have an existing Mac Mini (latest) and purchased a new PS3 and one Samsung monitor (no speakers).

I've already got a 2.1 speaker system that is connected to the Mac Mini. I'd like to somehow connect the PS3 to the Mac Mini so the PS3 audio comes out of the same speakers but through the Mac Mini (if that makes sense).

Is this possible? There is only one input for audio in the back of a Mac Mini (3.5mm female socket) and that is already taken by the 2.1 system.

Please advise if there is a way around this or do I have to buy a separate set of speakers for the PS3?

Thanking you in advance.


Jun 25, 2012
Speakers would have to connect to PS3 for any sound to work, you'd probably have to get a splitter that has mother end connections. One end for the speakers which split into 2. You'd also need just a basic white / red RCA cable to connect to the splitter and then just plug the other ends to PS3. The white / red RCA cable would have to have both father ends. Also if you dont have just that 2 connector RCA cable you can use the regular 3 composite cable and not use the yellow connector.
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