Samsung BD-D8500 Can't Adjust Volume with Remote



Hi All,

Just have a question about regarding the Samsung BD-D8500 Blu-ray player that I have been setting up for my Dad.

We have gone from at setup that included a 26 inch Belina HDCP monitor, a MAC mini (with tuner) and Logitech 2.1 speakers connected to the Mac Mini's headphone socket, to the same setup minus the Mac mini and with the Samsung Device.

However, the Samsung device does not have a headphone socket and the monitor only has an audio input so to get the external speakers plugged in and working I had had to use the Red White audio output on the BD-D8500 then use a Red White to 3.5mm headphone Female which can then plug into the Logitech's 3.5mm male cable (this is somewhat messy).

As the HDMI plug carrys audio and video I have had to mute the monitors speakers but am now getting sound from the the 2.1 speakers as desired. However I cannot adjust the volume using the Samsung remote control and have to do so manually on the Logitech speakers which is a pain.

I tried with a Sony tv with the same results. After speaking with Samsung they sent out a new remote which didn't work.

So my question is am I doing something wrong, is there a fault with the Samsung Device or will this just simply not work? Would a workaround be to buy a speaker set with its own wireless remote control?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards



Mar 16, 2010

The blu-ray player has fixed volume output. The volume buttons on the remote are programmed to adjust the volume of Samsung TVs or other devices that can be controlled via HDMI.

You are just going to have to use the volume control on the speakers.




Thanks alot for the quick reply and clear explanation. Ill have a look for a set of speakers with a wireless remote then!


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